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Exploring Utah – Olympic Park

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

When BlogPaws was over it was time for my next stop on my PrestonSpeaks Cross County Tail Waggin Tour.  I told the rents, “Get in the car, I’m driving!  (look close I’m in the car!) We are going to go check out Park City, Utah, the home of the US Winter Olympic training center!”

Dog in front seat of car

Ok, seriously, I didn’t drive, I can’t even reach the pedals.  I did tell them where to go though.
We started our adventure by going up a lot of very big mountains!  I thought it was a lot of fun, but for poor Dad who had a sinus infection, he said it wasn’t very pleasant when his ears wouldn’t pop.Park City Utah Mountains


Before we knew it, we were in Park City, Utah and I had spotted the Olympic ski jumps!  Oh my dog, those things are so steep!  I have a newfound respect for those Olympic skiers.  They really must have no fear when it comes to heights.


Ski Jumps at Olympic Park Utah

Preston (dog) by ski jumps at Park City Utah

If you are brave and are a human, you could try out the ski jumps that end up in a pool.  I wanted to try it, but they didn’t have four dog-sized skis for me to rent.  Instead, I just watched.

Jumps at Olympic Park Utahwater skier jumper at Olympic Park Utah

We decided to hike around the training facility some and we discovered they even have a luge course.  We ran into Toby’s mom from the blog My Tail Hurts From Wagging So Much and she told us she was going to try out the luge.  She is braver than my rents … hehehe.

Luge Course at Olympic Park Utah

If you ever make it to Park City, you have to check out the Olympic Park to see where the winter Olympics were held.  If you are adventurous, there are several really neat experiences you can have with your family.  Personally, I prefer to just take in the beautiful Utah mountain views.

Dog looking out over the mountains

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