About Preston from PrestonSpeaks.com

Preston from PrestonSpeaks.com

Hello, world!  My name is Preston, and I’m a West Highland White Terrier (A westie).  Welcome to my very own website PrestonSpeaks.com.  My official AKC name is Sir. Preston Peabody, CGC, but I am only called that when I’m in really big trouble.  I am eleven years old and I live in Western Kentucky.   I have one cat brother but he isn’t very friendly to me sometimes.  Mom says I’m too jumpy and he doesn’t like to play the same way I do. I also have two Westie siblings as well.

Preston’s Training

I am trained for the camera and video work.  I have been attending classes since I was five months old.  I have certificates in puppy, intermediate, advanced, and two click a trick classes.  I also have a novice trick dog title and am AKC Good Canine Citizen (CGC) certified!   I am a highly trained dog!



Preston’s Jobs

You might think dogs don’t have jobs, but I take my work as seriously as I take chewing my chew bones.  I am a model and have been featured in ten westie calenders!  I have also been in front of the video camera.  I have filmed for Febreze, I was on a Eukanuba/AKC National Champions telecast, and I was cast as a sick dog in an Iam’s prescription formula dog food video.

I also enter photo contests and won the national cuddle moments Nestlé’s holiday photo contest.   You may ask how do I spend my money?  I am a saver and don’t blow it all in the toy and treat aisle at the pet store.  I am saving for years for a fence for my backyard so I could run and play and invite my doggie friends over.  I also spend a lot of time online on my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  Instagram, TikTok,  and of course here at PrestonSpeaks.com.  One day I would like to be a big-time model and maybe be in a movie or two but Mom says that’s a long shot.

Preston’s Friends

I have too many human friends to mention by name, but I love them all and would give them a big lick any day.  I have wonderful grandparents who take care of me when Mom and Dad go out of town, I have friends at my vet, and of course all my friends at WestieMed,  and the Preston’s Cares Network where I volunteer!  I also have human puppy friends (kids) too such as Anna and Emma who come visit me and take me with them to the playground to swing and slide down the slides.  My two best dog friends are Bella and Ares.  Of course, I can’t forget about my number one girl and best friend Bella.  She is a pom mix who was in class with me but she moved away. I miss playing with her 🙁

Preston and Big Dog Best Friend Ares
Preston and small dog BFF Bella

1506578_503707863081366_1843904568_nPreston’s Travels

I love, love, love to travel and am a regular on airplanes!  These days I fly at least once a month to somewhere  in the United State to visit my fans.  So far, I have visited over 30 states!

I have been travelling since I was a puppy.  My first travel trip was to Nashville to Hotel Preston (isn’t it cool to have a hotel named after you? … ok, ok, Mom says it was the other way around).  I spent my first birthday in the Smokey Mountains in a cabin.  My birthday is December 25th so I’m a Christmas puppy.   That was so much fun!  Santa Dog even found me there and I had a stocking on Christmas morning! There were a lot of smells in the woods and I even met a racoon!  In 2011, I took my first flight to Fransisco for vacation.  That was a blast and I made a new friend Wescott, my SF westie pal!  In 2012, I went on a cross country tour! ==> PrestonSpeaks.com Cross Country Tail Waggin Tour.  Then in 2013I started travelling the country attending and speaking  pet expos and home and garden shows.

bw10Preston’s Dog Brother – Elvis

With a heavy heart,I need to let you know that my brother passed away in March 2020 at 13 years old.

Ok, I can’t leave out my dog brother.  I have a younger/older brother named Elvis!  He is ten so he is older than me, but since I was here first, I claim the title of “older brother”.  He is a puppy mill survivor who was used as a breeding dog for the first four years of his life.  This means we have been busy teaching him how to be a pet, what a toy is, how to go up stairs, ride in a car, etc.  Sometimes we fight, but we are working on that … but I still love him!  Elvis serves as the of Junior Executive of Pet Wellness Products for PrestonSpeaks.com.  He is in charge of all bath product reviews and nail trim items, but now he can wear a tie to work each day.  He will also be our special correspondent on puppy mill issues since … well, he grew up in one.Tino's Couture Collars PrestonSpeaks.com

Preston’s Dog Sister – Daisy

Daisy is the newest member of my family and PrestonSpeaks.com.  She is a  seven year old West Highland White Terrier.  She is a recipient of a WestiMed grant after coming into rescue with a very broken leg.  Her story is here ==> WestieMed and Miss Daisy.  She serves as our general intern and fashion model for female attire.  In the past, we have been limited in showcasing female fashion items because frankly, I refuse to wear a dress.  Now we can expand our reach into the high fashion world of dog couture!  She will also be doing product reviews and working towards her certificate in doggie obedience.

petmate holiday products - PrestonSpeaks.comPreston’s Hobbies

I love typical dog stuff like playing, chewing, and I love, love, love car rides and long walks!  I love meeting people and other dogs and like going to festivals and other places I’m allowed like pet stores.  Most of all, I just enjoy spending time with my mom and dad, my brother (most of the time),  my sister (all of the time)  and my cat.  In 2011, due to my website’s growth and popularity, I got my way and my mom was able to become a full time professional writer/blogger. We also run a social media consulting company called Preston Media Group.

My Family

I hope you enjoy my website and please e-mail me any time at preston (at) prestonspeaks (dot) com.  I love getting e-mail! And I promise I will e-mail you back!


  • Hi Preston my name is Ashley. I’m also a Westie and live in Central Illinois. My mommy got your website from Edie Duzan from CTF. I’m glad she did I really enjoyed meeting you. I also live with cats 5 of them we all get along and play. And we also live in a farm in the country my mammy raises Alpacas. Talk to you soon.

  • Hello Preston!
    My name is Lulu and I moved in next door a few weeks ago. I have noticed you through the fence and sometimes on my walks. I would like it if you visited me in my yard sometime. I have a cat to play with, but he thinks I am too rough. I appreciate the bag of dog food you donated to me and I can’t wait to try it out. I just watched you playing with the toy that makes the sound of a water bottle crunching, I will have to ask my parents for one of those! I hope to meet you soon!

    • Lulu I have noticed you too through the fence as well! I thought there was a new dog next door. I have three cats and they think I’m too rough as well and don’t like to play with me. Those cats just miss out on all the fun don’t they! My best friend Bella also comes over to stay here when her dad goes out of town (she is the small black dog you may see). She also LOVE to play. But we have to have a play date soon! I can bring over my new toys! Also, do you have facebook? If so friend me so we can chat!

  • I had a Westie for 13 years. Sadly, he got Lymphoma; and I had to put him to sleep. It was the worse thing, I had to do. He also was a boy dog. Because of my health issues, I can’t get another Westie. I need something smaller so I will be getting a Papillon on Sat.. I miss my little Westie Buddy. I am sure he would have gotten along well with Preston. I don’t know how I found your website, but I plan on following you with Preston. Buddy also did freestyle dancing, and was a therapy dog with TDI. We had many good times together. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi preston,
    My name is Tate (Tator-tot), I think you are SO cool, I really want to meet you!
    I have lots of toys so… You Know, maybe we could play.
    And if we get to be really good friends you can come to my wedding!
    P.s. just becuase i’m getting married doesn’t mean i’m old, I am only 7 (dog years) after all, also known as 1 year old in human years.
    I hope we can be friends,
    love Tate

  • Hello Preston! My name is Coconut and I live near Atlanta, Georgia. I am also a very pretty West Highland White Terrier!

  • Hey Preston! I’m a 12 year old westie from St. Louis. I have a 13 year old westie wife named Pixie. She can be grumpy sometimes, but I love her. My mommy likes to read your stories to Pixie and I. I bark at your picture. Even though Pixie and I are old, we are very healthy. Mommy makes sure we are a good weight and eat quality food. I go camping with Mommy and Daddy. I love to swim and have my own life jacket. I swim all day long and catch fish and tadpoles. I love to ride on wave runners and boats. Let me know next time you come to St. Louis, maybe we can share a treat and run around the park.

  • Hi Preston, My Mom & I just found your blog. She is so worried as I have to have an ultasound tommorrow morning bcuz they found a mass on an xray near my heart on Friday. I am a rescue and have lived 13 yrs with my Mom. i was 2 when she adopted me so I might be 15! Wed both exercise alot and eat really healthy so its not like I am ready to go anywhere. Mom is just soon nervous I thought I would dictate this email to given her something to do. Did I tell your she loves me soon much that she left her sales career and started a dog walking and days career business last year? I am her business partner and wed are together 23 hrs. A day! Thanks for your fun reading posts! One more thing mom and I can do together.


  • Hi Preston, My Mom & I just found your blog. She is so worried as I have to have an ultasound tommorrow morning bcuz they found a mass on an xray near my heart on Friday. I am a rescue and have lived 13 yrs with my Mom. i was 2 when she adopted me so I might be 15! Wed both exercise alot and eat really healthy so its not like I am ready to go anywhere. Mom is just so nervous I thought I would dictate this email to give her something to do. Did I tell your she loves me soon much that she left her sales career and started a dog walking and days care business last year? I am her business partner and we are together 23 hrs. A day! talk about having a PURPOSE.! Thanks for your fun reading posts! One more thing mom and I can do together.


    • Toto,

      We hope your xray goes well and it is nothing serious. If your mom is anything like mine she worries about everything so the less our moms worry the better. Also, that is awesome that you get to spend so much time with your mommy. My mom works from home too and I LOVE having her around all the time. She is my best buddy 🙂 Stay in touch and e-mail me at preston@prestonspeaks.com to let me know how your test went! We will be thinking of you and your mommy!

  • Wow, Preston,
    Thanks for your response. It is soon nice to know there are folks (4 legged and 2) out there! Wed get a liitle isolatec at times and the dogs that come stay here during the day dont talj to Mom the way I do! Sorry for the wierd typos before.my paw slipped on the swpe keypad thingy. Haha. Wed tried to correct it but up just got it TWICE.
    She is driving me to the vet @ 8:30
    and we have to bring Dulce with us-ugh the mosr spoiled shitzu in the world! I wanted to attach a pic
    of me because I think I am mostly westie . I have the wonderful westie smile and the black button
    eyes and perky ears (mine are floppy). But I am apricot color. Strange.
    Thank you again.
    Yours truly,

  • Hey Preston!

    My name is Vinny the Pug and I see that we have a lot in common. We are both canine adventurers. However, I’m a bit older than you and I’m on my final and most important Quest ever. I now work full time seeking to end the killing of healthy pets. If my quest is successful, long after I’m gone, much of the United States and Canada will be 100% NO KILL by the year 2020. I would really appreciate your helping to spread the word about my quest to end the killing. Thank you so much Preston, for all that you’re doing to advance the cause of appreciating pets around the world.


    Vincent Thomas Pug
    aka Vinny the Pug

  • Hi Preston,
    We are Millie and Murphy and live in Knoxville TN. Millie just turned 3 and Murphy will be 5 in October. We love going to the dog park, car rides and long walks through the neighborhood. There aren’t many Westies that live in Knoxville so when we see one, we get so excited when we see another Westie. We hope that our paths cross one day so that we can hi to you. Until then take care my friend.
    Millie and Murphy Norris

  • Hi Preston,

    My name is Sophie and I live in Colorado Springs. I am also a Westie, and I am five years old. I was born in Australia and flew to Hawaii when I was eight weeks old. Here in Colorado I like going to doggie day care and the local dog parks. I have a good friend who lives down the street named Suri (she is also a Westie). I hope our paths cross one day.

    Doggie smooches!

    • Elvis is doing great! He graduates from beginners training class on Monday. We are so proud of him! I think mom will tire out before me on traveling, BOL. I get to sleep in all day long and rest up for the next trip. Mom is the one who has to catch up on everything when we are home. But both of us wouldn’t trade this for the world. We get to meet so many great people both in person at expos and online here.

  • Hi Preston, my name is Dessie and I am a maltese terrier – rescued by my mum. She is very clever and has created a new dog product never seen before on the market and it will be released in the new year. How does she send you a press release. She and I think your site is great and we would like to have your blog be one of the first to release the press release. Get back to me mate cheers Dessie

  • Hi Preston. I am Wallace the Westie. I am 14 1/2 years old and live in Tennessee. Last year, I had a bunch of medical issues. Mom and dad said I had cancer. I had to do chemo for six months. My parents had to pull out a plastic card many times to pay for my chemo treatment. The total cost of medical care for me in 2016 was $15,000. Not $1500 —$15,000!!!!!!! I’m worth every penny. My oncologists are doing the happy dance because I’m still cancer free. Good luck with your surgery.

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