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Greenies review

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

My pal Mr. Chewy recently sent me another great product to try out – Greenies!  I have used Greenies before and I’m a huge fan.  So instead of telling you why I like them, I’ll tell you why I keep using them!

I admit, I don’t like having my teeth brushed, and Mom isn’t the best at remembering to brush them every day.  So Greenies is a great solution for my brother Elvis and I!  Greenies are a yummy tasting pet treat/dental chew that freshens my breath and helps keep periodontal disease at bay!

I do think it is kind of odd that a treat looks like a green toothbrush, but everything with the treat is designed for a reason.

Greenies are chewy.  This allows our teeth to sink into it, giving the treat more contact with all our teeth’s surfaces.  This contact disrupts our plaque and tarter buildup.  That stuff is bad – it leads to periodontal disease and eventually tooth lost (OH NO!!).  The treat is filled with highly soluble proteins that break down into smaller pieces to clean more of the teeth.  The treat is easy-to-swallow and very digestible.  Trust me, my brother Elvis knows!  The first time he had a Greenie, he about swallowed it whole!  They also sneaked in a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals for us.

They even think of all sizes dogs.  Greenies come in Teenie (5-15 pounds), Petite (15-25 pounds – that’s me!), Regular (25-50 pounds), Large (50-100 pounds), and Jumbo (100+ pounds – how big I think I am!).

I love Greenies so much, I recently made a video of what I would do for a Greenie!  Check it out!

So, I give Greenies two paws up and fourty-two teeth (that’s how many teeth a dog has!).  To pick up your own bag, go to:

Disclosure –The review was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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