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Chuck-it LIGHTPLAY Glow in the Dark Fetch Toy #Giveaway |

Chuck it Fetch Toy -

My pals at PetMate sent me some great fetch toys to try out called Chuck-it LIGHTPLAY. These dog toys actually glow in the dark! Recently, we had to turn our clock back and it is getting dark before Mom even comes home from the office. This means I am missing out on some serious playtime […]

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The dogs have taken over the house! | @Nutrish #sponsored

Preston at home pets family

If you have a pet, you know that we quickly become an important part of the family unit. You are our whole world and we love to spend time with you. Over time you will change your home and your lives to make sure we are content and happy. It could be that you don’t […]

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Tucson Pet Expo is November 22nd|@amazingpetexpo

Tucson Pet Expo Flyer - Preston Speaks

The next Amazing Pet Expo is THIS Saturday, November 22nd in Tucson Az.     This great expo is at the Tucson Expo Center from 10-6 pm.  As you probably already know we serve as Official Ambassadors for  the Tucson Pet Expo as well as all the shows coming up in 2015!  I am so sad I won’t be there. I would so […]

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TSA Security When Traveling by Plane with Your Pet | @Nutrish #sponsored

Preston at TSA Security - Preston Speaks pet travel

Hey my pals. Recently, my friends at Nutrish  asked me about TSA security and airline pet travel. I get these questions all the time so I thought you might be interested in learning the ins and outs of pet airline travel as well. As I am sure you are aware, I travel all over the […]

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Fall Pet Products as seen on Fox2 St. Louis |


This morning, Mom and I appeared on St. Louis’s Fox 2 station morning show to talk about new fall pet products.  I admit, Mom was a little nervous, but I am an old pro being in front of the camera since I stared in a commercial.  Here are the great pet products we featured with […]

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