Meet Preston
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2015 Bay Area Pet Expo is January 17th| @amazingpetexpo

2015 Bay Area Amazing Pet Expo |

The first Amazing Pet Expo  of 2015 is THIS Saturday,  January 17th in Santa Clara, California.    This great expo is at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds from 10-6 pm.  As you probably already know we serve as Official Ambassadors for  the Bay Area Pet Expo as well as all the shows coming up in 2015!   We have a […]

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Puppy Survival Kit | @Nutrish #sponsored

Puppy survival kit -

I am so excited. One of my human friends is getting a new puppy this holiday season. Now don’t worry, it is not going to be a surprise gift – that is hardly ever a good idea. This pal of mine is very responsible and did a lot of research before deciding to adopt a […]

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think!dog by Delca dog toys and treats giveaway | @thinkdogbydelca

Delca pet toys and treats giveaway -

Hey pals, did Santa Paws not bring your pup everything they wanted for Christmas? If so, don’t worry, I am here to save the day with an awesome think!dog by Delca pup giveaway!   There are twelve awesome toys, treats, and waste bags including: Tennis stick with rope Holiday waste bags Alligator biscuits Sweet potato […]

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Preston’s Christmas Card Tradition | @Nutrish #sponsored

Pet Holiday Christmas Card -

Christmas is a big deal for this pup.  Besides sharing a barkday with Christ (I was born 12/25/08), I love to send out special holiday cards to my pals.  It all started when I won the Nestle Holiday Photo contest when I was a young pup, and Mom put the photo on our family’s annual Christmas […]

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Holiday Pet Expo is December 6th|@amazingpetexpo

Holiday Pet Expo Flyer - Preston Speaks

The next Amazing Pet Expo is THIS Saturday, December 6th in Pamona California.    This great expo is at the Fairplex from 10-6 pm.  As you probably already know we serve as Official Ambassadors for  the Holiday Pet Expo and report back to us about what you think! Check out the flyer below for more information (click on the photo […]

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