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Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and Why this Little White Dog and You Should Care!

shorty pit boss and Preston from

My pals, as you know, I have been attending the Amazing Pet Expo shows for the past couple of years. I am often at the same shows as Shorty Rossi from Animal Planet’s TV show Pit Boss. At each show Shorty talks from the main stage about how we can change the world and that […]

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Chuckit Ultra Sling Review and Giveaway | @petmateproducts

Petmate Chckit Ultra Sling

Oh my dog! Pups, you need to ask to borrow your rents credit card, login to your Amazon Prime account, and get ready to have a box of Chuckit Ultra Sling toys overnight shipped to you! Seriously, I had so much fun playing with this toy! The Chuckit Ultra Sling is modeled after a slingshot […]

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Upset Cat Stomachs and Purina Veterinary GI Diet #ad


My cat brother Pibb has serious stomach problems. He is perfectly fine for two to three weeks, but then he goes through these spells where he makes what we call the “oh gosh he is going to hurl” meow and everyone jumps into action. I start barking to alert the rents. Daisy and Elvis get […]

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Rolling Out the Red Carpet with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Purina #ad


Are you a fan of the Modern Family TV show like this pup? Ok, I admit, I really watch the show to see Brigitte the cute dog that plays the role of Stella. I also like Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitchell! I was so excited when I learned that Purina ONE® formed a partnership with […]

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Zen Den Pet Bed Review

Zen Pet Bed -

I love beds. Who doesn’t? I know you humans do too. I see how my rents don’t like to get out of their bed when the alarm clock goes off in the morning. So when my pals at Zen Den Pets (who I met in Las Vegas) asked me to take a nap in their bed, I said sure! […]

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