Meet Preston
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Pet Product Reviews with TTPM #sponsored

TTPM website

My pals, I am always looking for the best doggie treats and toys to ask the rents to get me.  No, I’m not too spoiled, just well loved … hehehe.  Sometimes I don’t know what to ask for so I need help from a trusted source where I can get honest reviews.  I recently discovered […]

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Check out Purina’s Puppy Chow and #Giveaway Too #ad


When Purina told me about their new website, it brought Mom and I back to when she first brought me home as a puppy. Mom got this goofy grin on her face and said in a raised-pitch voice that I was the cutest puppy ever! The only thing I remember from that day is […]

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Flexi Vario Leash #Giveaway and Retractable Leash Safety

Flexi leash system -

When I am outside, my mom almost always makes me stay on a leash unless I am at a dog park or in my backyard. Even though I promise my rents I will come back when called, they don’t trust me. Mom says I am way to special to her to get lost and she […]

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Strays: A Novel Book Review

Strays the Novel Review-

I am a very educated dog (I have several advanced training class graduation certificates) and from time to time I like to read a good novel … especially about dogs. So when author Jennifer Caloyeras reached out to me about reading her newest young adult novel, Strays, I was ready to curl up in my […]

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What is Daisy Wearing? The Martha Stewart Pet Spring Collection! (#Giveaway)

Martha Stewart Pet Raincoat -

If you know me, you know I love wearing clothes! Recently, Martha Stewart sent my dog sister Daisy a piece from her new spring collection. Daisy just had to try it on! Martha Stewart Ruffle RainCoat Lately, we have been getting a lot of rain in Kentucky, and Miss Daisy didn’t have a raincoat to […]

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