Meet Preston
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Wordless Wednesday – My website has been returned! |


Look what I found in my crate this morning!  The cats are happy that I met their demands. We hope you had fun last week following along as went to the cats!  

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The @PetSafe FroliCat Dart Review |


It’s the cats Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb here again.  We are so impressed!  Preston is really moving along with our list of demands (ATTN: The Cats have taken over). Now we wish we had added more … hehehe. He has agreed to be more careful with our FroliCat Dart.  We really enjoy playing with […]

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Preston’s Message to the Cats of the World #NutrishCats |


As I sit here in my crate, I ponder how I got in this mess with my brother and sister cats (ATTN: The Cats have taken over.).  When I think back, I realize I have lived with my brother and sister cats Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, and Ashes who crossed over the rainbow bridge, for […]

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Sweep One @petsafe Automatic Litter Box Review |

PetSafe SweepOne Litter box

It is the cats Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb here.  It looks Preston is taking our demands seriously and he has fulfilled another one of our demands (ATTN: The Cats have taken over.)  He has convinced the parents to install the PetSafe SweepOne Automatic Litter box!  And we have to say, we LOVE it.  We […]

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Progress on the Cat vs Dog Negotiations |


After an evening of heated discussion, and only one show of the claws.  We have come to an agreement on the sleeping arrangements.  The dogs have agreed to give us Thursday and Sunday nights dog free on the parents bed.   Preston is moving full steam ahead to getting his website back soon!

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