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Dog Firework Safety with Heavenly Hounds

Preston with Heavenly Hounds Chews
Written by Rachel Phelps


(The neighbor sets off fireworks next door to Preston’s home)

(Preston starts barking and running around the living room in a panic)

Daisy:  Preston you are overreacting! – surely those humans aren’t setting off fireworks – the 4th is days away … oh wait, you’re right … they are!  How dare they!
(Daisy runs into the bedroom, jumps on the bed, and under the covers to hide)

Piper:  What is that?  That noise hurts my ears.  Let’s just run far away from that noise.
(Piper runs to the front door looking to see if maybe the rents forgot to close it all the way)


My Pals, happy Human Scare Us Dogs Day, or as American’s call it, Independence Day.

Since you humans refuse to listen to us dogs and our pleas for you to stop the fireworks, today I would like to share 5 tips (with the help of my pals from Heavenly Hounds calming treats) you can use to help us dogs get through this terrible Fourth of July Holiday season.

  1. ID tags. Check our ID tags (or put one on us if we don’t have one) to make sure all the information is current and still readable in case we get out so we can find our way home.  According to PetAmber Alert, between July 4th and the 6th, there is a 30% increase in dogs who get lost.  We really need all the help we can get, including tags, to get us home safe and sound.
  2. Micro Chip. Micro Chip, Micro Chip, and did I say … Micro Chip us! – This chip is a small rice size device that goes under our skin with a number that can be read with a chip reader.  If we get loose and we lose our ID tags, an animal shelter can quickly scan us, and our ‘rents can be found.   I will admit, this procedure hurts when the needle goes in (the needle is kind of big) but it is worth the pain to have a permanent way to get us home.
  3. Check our fence/yard. Before the fireworks start, walk around the fenced-in yard and do a thorough inspection to make sure there isn’t any way us pups can get out.  We can fit into some really small spaces when we think we are being attacked by the noise of those evil fireworks!
  4. Don’t take us. This one is common sense, but we DONT want to go with you to the fourth of July events and watch the fireworks. These events have loud fireworks, unfamiliar people, crowds, and it’s often too hot for us to be outside in the sun.  Also, there is usually some person who has had too much liquid fun who wants to come to pet us, hold us, and squeeze us.
  5. Give us Heavenly Hound Relaxation Squares. You can help us control our anxiety and keep calm with relaxation squares.   Our pals at Heavenly hounds sent me some great Peanut Butter flavored relaxation squares to help me get through another stressful fourth of July weekend.  Let me give you all the details on this great product!

Preston with Heavenly Hounds Chews

Heavenly Hounds Relaxation Squares

I know what you are probably thinking … I have seen products like this at the pet store that claim to help my dog, I have tried them, and they don’t help.  I admit, we have tried them too, and I was even given a prescription medication before that didn’t work, at least for me (yes, years ago I even had a prescription to Xanax).

Why do I think these relaxation squares are different?  Well, first of all, they taste good!  I am a picky eater, but I love peanut butter and I will actually eat these.  Also, my dog sisters Daisy and Piper like them too.  This means from the very start there is no stress from trying to force us to eat a calming treat – which let’s admit it – stressing us out to take something doesn’t help us keep calm … hehehe.  This product is just easy to use, you just break off the portion we need from the bar.  For a 10 – 20 pound dog, it is half a bar, and 20+ is the whole bar.  Then, it starts working in 15 to 20 minutes.  There is nothing complicated like having to give us a pill, use a diffuser, put oil drops in our mouth, or doing a special no fireworks stress funny dance to make it work.  Ok, I was just joking about the dance … hehehe.

I am sure you are wondering what makes it work.  Well, it is made from wholesome, simple, clean ingredients with added vitamins and minerals such as Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Niacin, and Thiamin.  There is no CBD or Hemp in the bar either.  These are made in the USA at a human-grade commercial pastry bakery.

These Heavenly Hounds squares aren’t just for fireworks either.  You can use them anytime your dog has anxiety such as thunderstorms, separation anxiety, traveling, and the vet or grooming visits.

To learn more, go to:  Heavenly Hounds

Order your own Heavenly Hound relaxation squares before these terrible fireworks start in your town.  To order, go here: purchase Heavenly Hounds 

Disclosure – Heavenly Hounds has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own.




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