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Lumenology Motion Sensor Lights Review

Written by Rachel Phelps

Hi human pals!  I shouldn’t have to tell you that us dogs need to be able to see when we go out to potty at night!  I don’t know about you but wandering around in the dark isn’t very fun.  That is why your bathroom has a light switch.  As you can imagine, I was thrilled when my pals at Lumenology offered to send me some motion sensor lights to fix my problem.  Let’s just say … with these lights installed, the whole neighborhood can see me when I mark (just kidding).  I only go out in the privacy of my fenced-in backyard unless I go for a walk.  Let me tell you all about the two lights I tried out!

Lumenology Portable Motion Light

The Lumenology Portable Motion LED Light has many uses and can quickly and easily be moved.  The light comes in black or white and is 148 Lumens which mom says is bright.  It has three modes – off, always-on, and motion-activated, with a thirty-second auto shut-off.

It can detect dogs (Mom says it can detect anything that moves) up to thirteen feet away and has a hundred-degree field of view.  I was a little worried about me being so low to the ground that maybe the light wouldn’t know I was there and turn on.  To my surprise, it always knows when us Westies are around and turns on to light up our path.

The light has a flexible tripod base with “legs” that you can wrap around about anything such as a fence, table, or as mom did … a rain spout coming off the house.  There is also a magnetic base so you can attach it directly to anything metal.  The light takes three AA batteries, but we have been using it for several months and haven’t had to switch out the batteries yet.

Lumenology Dual Security Motion Light

The Lumenology Dual Security Motion Light lights up almost the whole backyard!  It comes in two colors, has two LED lights, and uses three D batteries.  At 1,000 lumens, this one is super bright.  I quickly learned not to look straight into it … hehehe.

It is motion sensor activated from twenty feet away and has a 140-degree field-of-view.  It will automatically shut off after a certain period of time-based on the choice of three modes you select: ten seconds, twenty seconds, and thirty seconds.  The light has adjustable brackets so you can attach it to many different types of surfaces.  Mom attached ours to a fence post.  With some adjustment (I say it was Mom error as she kept pointing the sensor up instead of down to the ground) comes on when we get near it.

Lumenology Motion Sensor Lights

This light makes my backyard nice and bright.

The lights are also weatherproof.  We have been testing the lights out for the last two months and they have been through high winds, rain, sleet, and even a little bit of snow, and they are still working fine.  Mom says she really likes them being battery operated so she can put them pretty much anywhere in our backyard and not have to worry about being near an outlet or get an electrician to wire a new light.

To learn more and get your own set of Lumenology motion lights so your pups don’t have to poop in the dark, go to:

I give the Lumenology lights two paws up!

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