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JW Pet Crackle Heads Plush and Canvas Toys Review

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

jw_toys2I love JW Toys!  They send me the best items to review.  JW Pet brought out an innovative new line of toys this year called “Crackle Heads”.  These toys are so neat!

Most dogs love to play with water bottles.  Unfortunately for us, they aren’t the safest things to play with.  We can swallow the cap and when we tear the plastic apart there are rough edges, which could hurt us.  These toys offer the texture and sound of a wattle bottle but in a toy designed for dogs.  JW offers four different types of Crackle Heads toys.  These include the Crackle Heads Ball, Crackle heads Cuz, Crackle Heads Plush Toys, and the Crackle Heads Canvas toys.

Earlier this year, JW Toys sent Elvis and I one of their Crackle Heads Balls and one of their Crackle Heads Cuz toys.  We loved them!  To see our review and learn about the entire product line click here.Preston playing with JW Toys -

This time they sent us a toy from each of the other two Crackle Heads product lines. They sent us a Crackle Heads Plush Toy called “Dougie the Dog.”  He is a cute blue plush dog with crunchy bottle material inside the head and a squeaker in the body.  In this plush toy line they also have “Leroy the Lion”, “Skippy the Squirrel”,  “Bart the Bear”, and “Ricky the Raccoon”. They are available in sizes medium and large.

They also sent us a Crackle Heads Canvas toy called the “Canvas Sock Monkey”.  This one was for Elvis because he is rough on toys and these canvas toys are designed for much tougher play.  It has bottle material in the head and a squeaker as well.  They also make one called a “Canvas Cuz” and since my last review they have added one called the “Canvas Bear”.  These are available in sizes medium and large.

Lets just say we had a blast playing with these great toys!  Elvis got a little possessive over his sock monkey, so that is why Mom didn’t take photos of us together.  You don’t get between Elvis and a new toy or we may have a fight on our hands.




Overall, Elvis and I give JW Pets new Crackle Heads Canvas and Plush toys four big paws up! Here is a link to the toys we reviewed:

Canvas Sock Monkey

Dougie the Dog





Disclosure –The toys were provided to my rents and I free of charge by JW Toys. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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