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My New York Nutrish Trip – Visiting Rachael Ray’s Show

The Rachael Ray Studios
Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

My pals, it is the end of my New York City Week!  Back in November, Nutrish sent my rents to New York City because they are a part of the Nutrish Influencer program.  At first, I was like, now wait, I’m the author of this blog … shouldn’t I be the one invited?  But as things turned out, I got to go anyway.  I had to be in Atlanta for an Amazing Pet Expo the day after the New York City trip.  This meant I had no choice but to tag along.  So technically, I didn’t attend the official Nutrish events (more to come about those later) but during any down time I was off exploring the big apple with Mom and Dad!  So this week I want to take you with me as I show you some of my best NYC memories!

One morning Mom and Dad got up and took a long time getting ready.  They put on their jewel-toned shirts and were talking about how they wondered what the Rachael Ray TV show taping would be like.  When I heard TV, I raced over to my clothes I brought on the trip.  I was trying to figure out which shirt would make me look like a big dog on the TV.  But then, Mom told me that I wasn’t invited and would be spending the day hanging out in the hotel room.  I admit, I got a little upset, and ran into the bathroom and laid down in the shower with my back to the door.  Mom left me there hanging out in the shower (I refused to move) until I calmed down some.

Preston hanging out

Luckily, Mom promised me she had special things planned for me the next day that would make it up to me.  Which she did!  Since I didn’t get to go, here is what Mom told me about the day at the TV show recording.

Mom said walking up to the Rachael Ray sign in front of the Chelsea Television Studios was very impressive.  Plus, since they had special VIP tickets, they got to go inside right away.  She said they waited in a big room with chairs that had many photos of Rachael Ray on the walls.  Here is a not so great photo of the waiting room.

The Rachael Ray Studios

Mom said they weren’t allowed to take any photos of the studio, but let’s just say it looks just like it does on TV.  Mom and Dad were placed in the second row, which ended up being a prime spot to end up on TV several times.  Apparently, they tape for multiple shows at each recording, so they got to see segments for two different shows.  Mom and Dad said Rachael Ray came out wearing all black and said hello to the audience.

The guest mom and dad saw was Michael J. Fox!

You can see mom at 0.34 and dad at 2:20 in part one.

Here is the photo of the whole audience.  One of the office dogs, Penny, made an appearance! I asked Mom why I couldn’t have gone and hung out in the office with Penny and Rachael’s dog – Isaboo.  She said you can’t just invite yourself over for a play date any time you want!  I guess she is right … sigh.

The Rachael Ray Show

The other segments were cooking segments which Mom said smelled very good!

They both got a DVD of season seven of Family Ties and a Rachael Ray frying pan (they shipped that home for us thank goodness!).

After the taping, I saw Mom and Dad for a little bit while they came back to the hotel to let me water the plants (aka potty).

Then they left again with all my Nutrish pals to go to the meatpacking district to a really cool restaurant call The Chester.

Mom said it was delicious, but I was upset they didn’t bring a doggie bag home.

The evening ended with them going to a wonderful Broadway play.

Big Fish Studios

Mom said it was an amazing day and they are so thankful to Nutrish for the opportunity to see TV being made!  I guess the parents need some non-Preston time every so often.

Your Pal,

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