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My New York @Nutrish Trip – The Brooklyn Bridge

Preston at the Brooklyn Bridge
Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

My pals, it is finally my New York City Week!  Back in November, Nutrish sent my rents to New York City because they are a part of the Nutrish Influencer program.  At first, I was like, now wait, I’m the author of this blog … shouldn’t I be the one invited?  But as things turned out, I got to go anyway.  I had to be in Atlanta for an Amazing Pet Expo the day after the New York City trip.  This meant I had no choice but to tag along.  So technically, I didn’t attend the official Nutrish events (more to come about those later) but during any down time I was off exploring the big apple with Mom and Dad!  So this week I want to take you with me as I show you some of my best NYC memories!

I decided the Brooklyn Bridge was a “must see” for any self-respecting pup touring the city.  I have to say, that bridge is HUGE!

Brookly Bridge


Not to mention that it is a lot bigger and longer than it appears!  It was also very, very, windy!

Preston at the Brooklyn Bridge

I admit at one point I did ask Dad to carry me part of the way.


The sunset from the bridge was amazing!

Brooklyn Bridge

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