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My trip to the P&G Pet Care headquarters

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

On my Cross Country Tail Wagging Tour I made a stop at the P&G Pet Care Headquarters (they make Iams, Eukanuba, and Natura Pet food) just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I had a very important meeting with Pawl Griffin, the VP of Canine Communications, and Yaxley, the office service dog in training.  I decided to bring along my brother Elvis so we could start training him in the blogging business.

What were we discussing you ask?  I’m sorry, but that is classified P&G doggie trade secrets.  What I can tell you is it involved treats, a lot of sniffing, toys, and a pool party … hehehe!  But don’t worry, I was able to take some photos of our adventure!

Pawl Griffin - PrestonSpeaks.comGriffin was at the door to greet us!  I admit, I was a little bossy.  I made it clear to him that even though he is a VP, I am also the CDO (chief doggie officer) of my company too.  Once we came to an understanding, he showed me around!

When we arrived they welcomed us with open paws!  The offices are pet friendly so we were able to explore.  Elvis and I  had our own great welcome sign! (they even remembered to mention our drivers – Mom and Dad! hehehe)  And yes, I did take the sign home.  It is on top of my crate now in the living room!

Preston and his sign from P&G Pet Care -

Next, we high tailed it to see my pal Yaxley in his mom’s office.  He said he had been waiting all morning to see me and meet Elvis.  I was so excited to see my pal.  He filled me in on all the adventures he has had with his training.  He is a Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) service dog in training.  He even gave me his own CCI trading card!

Yazley, Preston, and Evlis at P&G Pet Care -

I decided I needed to help out the customer care center and answer some questions myself from the dogs that call in.  I feel like I was a real asset to the team.  It doesn’t hurt I can speak dog … hehehe!Preston answering calls at P&G Pet Care -

Next, I had a lunch meeting with Griffin, Yaxley, and some of my human pals from P&G Pet Care.  We got a sneak peak of some of the new Iams commercials coming out.  Of course we also ate some treats!

Preston at a meeting at P&G Pet Care -


After our very important meeting,  it was off to our pool party in Griffin’s own dog park (P&G has their own dog park on site! … how cool is that!).  I jumped right in the pool but no one would join me.  Yaxley just looked at me, but I know he missed out on the fun!

Preston in the pool with Yaxley looking on -

Elvis, in true Elvis fashion, made his rounds to all the humans at the dog park to get attention.  Here he is with Bev.


I wish I could have stayed all day!  Being the busy dog I am, I had to get moving on to my next stop on my Tail Waggin Tour.  But seriously P&G, if you ever need a canine to answer phones, I’m your dog!

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

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