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Written by Rachel Phelps

I have been noticing at the pet expos I attend that more and more humans and dogs are wearing bright-colored hair. Mom says some famous people like Katy Perry are known for super bright hair so it is becoming a trend. So when my pals at PetPaint asked if they could send me their pet-safe colored hairspray (or furspray) for pets to try out, I said sure!

They sent us the product in purple and pink along with a lot of neat stencils. I determined the colors were a little two girly for me, so I drafted Daisy to test it out.

About PetPaint

PetPaint is a high-quality colored furspray that is specially formulated, dog-safe, and veterinarian approved.  It comes in many colors including: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, and white. The colors come in aerosol cans and you can spray paint your pet freehand or there are kits of different stencils to help you out.

Daisy Gets Painted

Pet Paint Product Review with

Daisy decided she wanted hearts on her sides. To do this, Mom found the perfect stencil, put her up on the table, pressed the stencil on her side hip, and sprayed. Unfortunately, the first heart didn’t go so well … BOL. Apparently, Mom held the can too close to the fur. The second heart she did looked much better! If you want a perfectly painted dog, we suggest you to practice some first to get the hang of it.

Pet Paint Product Review with

A few other tips we learned:

  1. Since it can take a few minutes for the paint to dry, you need to be careful removing the stencil as it can smear. Once dry, we noticed it feels kind of like chalk is in the fur.
  2. Don’t let the dog shake while it dries or it could mess up the paint.
  3. If you are using a stencil, then the shorter the fur, the better. If a dog has longer hair, then when they shake the fur may lay differently afterward causing the design to not be as clear.

Clean Up

Pet Paint Product Review with

After Daisy pranced around and said look at my purple hearts for a while, Mom wanted to test how easy it was to wash away. Since we are white dogs, the product must wash out completely or we will be a purple (or insert other color) tinted dog. As soon as Mom wetted the fur the color started to wash away. Then, after a quick shampoo in that spot you couldn’t tell her fur had ever been purple.

PetPaint Rating

Daisy gives PetPaint two paws up and a painted purple heart! This product is perfect for decorating us pups on Halloween or for tailgating as we can wear our favorite team colors! Also, Daisy says there doesn’t have to a special event for us to get painted and it can be a fun family activity.

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To purchase, go to: PetPaint Pet Hair Spray

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Disclosure – These products were provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.


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