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Kuddly Pet Care 24/7 App Review @kuddlypets

Written by prestonspeaks

I recently met a great company at BarkWorld 2015 called  Kuddly who wants to change the way we receive vet care for us pets.

Before you freak out, Kuddly’s purpose isn’t to replace veterinary care. They still want every pet to have a vet they see in person. Kuddly’s goal is to supplement a pet’s regular veterinary care by providing increased accessibility for pet owners. For example, you can get your questions answered on a holiday, at night, or even on weekends without having to pay a large fee to an on-call vet or go to an emergency vet clinic. Kuddly gives you access to a vet on your phone 24/7.

How does Kuddly work?

  1. Download the Kuddly app (android and apple).
  2. Choose your vet. Each vet lists their background, their interests, and what they charge to answer questions by e-mail or live chat.
  3. Add the pet’s information.
  4. Either e-mail or chat with the vet. That is it!

What can you ask a vet over an app?

  • Basic Pet Vaccinations – Are you unsure what shots your cat or dog needs? Ask a Kuddly vet.
  • Second Opinions – This is a quick and cost-effective way to verify what your vet is saying or research alternative treatment options.
  • Behavior Concerns – Is your pet acting strange or depressed? What about separation anxiety? Ask a vet about their odd behavior.
  • Canned, Raw, Kibble, or Cooked Food – There is a lot of conflicting information about what you should be feeding your cats or dogs so consult a vet using Kuddly to get expert advice.
  • Signs Of Illness In My Pet – See something strange? Don’t wait until Monday to call your local vet. You can ask a Kuddly vet now to see if a trip to the emergency vet is needed.
  • … This is just the tip of the iceberg. The sky is the limit on what you can ask.

My Kuddly Vet Test

I decided to put this app to the test, so I downloaded the app and set up my profile. I admit it, yes, it took me a while to find just the perfect profile photo of me showing my best angle … hehehe. (click on photo to be able to read the app)

Kuddly App

Then, I started looking through the vet listing. I really liked the profile of Dr. Hall. It said he works at a small animal clinic in North Virginia and his interest includes dermatology. Kuddly also has user reviews and he has 24 five star reviews … so I felt that he must know his stuff. (click on photo to be able to read the message)

Kuddly App

I asked him about how I was feeling after my allergy shots on Friday. I decided to write it in third person so not to totally freak him out. I bet it isn’t often a vet on Kuddly gets a question directly from the dog himself hehehe. I asked him about how I was feeling so run down and just not myself. Here is my question

And not an hour later I got an amazing in depth reply from Dr. Hall with some good advise and things to watch for. Here is his complete response. (click on photos to be able to read the responceKinddly App

Kuddly AppKinddly AppI was very impressed because honestly I was only expecting a few lines reply for only $3 an e-mail. Mom says the reply gave her piece of mind and told her what to watch for in my behavior.

Would I use Kuddly app again? Definitely! I think this is a great tool for us pet parents to have in our back pocket when we need to consult a vet but can’t get to our regular vet or it is after hours.

To learn more go to and search in your phones app store keyword kuddly. The app is free to download.

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Disclosure – A free app code was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.


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