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Pups Eat like humans with Vera Premium Pet Treats

Vera Premium Treats
Written by Rachel Phelps

I am always looking to taste test the newest treats (I know, it is a tough job!). Needless to say, when my pals at True Science asked if they could send me some of their Vera Premium Pet treats to see how my tummy likes them … what do you think I said? Yes, of course!
Mom told me each variety of these Vera treats are modeled after what you can get at an old-time deli shop. This means the treats and packaging are inspired by the good quality cuts of meat you would get wrapped in white butcher paper. While I thought the packaging looked great, I wanted Mom to rip it open for me (Yes, the drawback of not having thumbs). There are four types including:

  • Beef Fillets
  • Chicken Fillets
  • Duck Fillets
  • Burger Patties

Preston and Daisy with Vera Treats

Here is how the Beef Fillets look. Notice Daisy and I n the background saying Mom, hurry up, we want a snack?!?!?

The treats come in 12 oz. or 22 oz. bags with retail prices starting at $12.99 … but honestly, splurge for the big bag. Trust me on this … hehehe.

Overall, I give the Vera treats two paws up. To learn more about the Vera Premium Pet treats, go to:
To Purchase, go to: Vera Dog Treats

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Disclosure – These products were provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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