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Written by Rachel Phelps


Oh my dog! Pups, you need to ask to borrow your rents credit card, login to your Amazon Prime account, and get ready to have a box of Chuckit Ultra Sling toys overnight shipped to you! Seriously, I had so much fun playing with this toy!

SONY DSCThe Chuckit Ultra Sling is modeled after a slingshot that sends the dog toy through the air for us to fetch and catch! It is highly portable and can shoot both short and long distances.
First, you have to get the Ultra Sling. It has an elastic band that allows for adjustable “shooting ranges.” The sling has a molded grip and a hand guard to protect our rent’s hand. It also comes with one dart, the ultra spin dart. What I like best about this toy is that it doesn’t matter if your pup is a little dog, big dog, or even a little dog who thinks they are a big dog like me … hehehe. This toy works for everyone. The Ultra Sling retails for about $19.

Petmate Chckit Ultra SlingOnce you have the sling, you can get five different types of darts to have fun with no matter where you go or what size yard you have. Each dart retails for about $9.

  • Ultra Dart – Spin. I bet you can’t guess what this dart does … wait for it … wait for it … it SPINS … hehehe. This dart has an erratic flight that keeps me running all over the place. This one is good for mid-range distances.
  • Ultra Dart – Speed. This one goes FAST and far. After our accident (see below) Mom took that one away from Dad and said we couldn’t play with this one in the backyard. See, she is no fun!
  • Ultra Dart – Rugged. This is one is made from all rubber and is designed for dogs that are aggressive chewers. This one is better for short to mid-range distances.
  • Ultra Dart – Float. Yep, this one is for your dock diving pups or if your rents have really bad aim and it ends up in your neighbor’s swimming pool.
  • Ultra Wing – This one is my favorite! It dives, banks, and glides all over the yard. I can never figure out where this one is going to land!

Petmate Chckit Ultra SlingThis toy is fun for the humans too! I think Dad had just as much fun as I did shooting it. Well, until he totally misjudged and shot the dart over the backyard fence and it hit a parked car. Lucky for us the darts are made out of soft cushioning material that didn’t hurt anything.

Since these are such awesome products, Petmate wants YOU to have ONE OF EACH!  We are hosting a Petmate Ultra Sling giveaway!  These items are valued at over $65!

What are you waiting for?  Enter now!

How to win!

How: Comment below and tell us why your pup has to have a Petmate Ultra Sling.

Prize: One lucky reader will win a Petmate Ultra Sling prize pack

Dates:  August 26th – September 9th

How to Enter: Follow the instructions on the widget below. To help get the prize out as quickly as possible, we’re asking for your address up front in case you win.  It will not be used unless you win, and it will not be shared. Good luck!

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Disclosure – These products and the giveaway were provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.



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  • Sammy is a Yorkie and Brussels Griffon breed. She has a lot of energy and loves to run. She likes to run along side my bike. The Chuckit Sling would be another way for her run and have fun.

  • My Yellow Lab “Melo” has to have a Petmate Ultra Sling because he loves to run and this would be a great toy for him to enjoy that exercise!

  • my dog, Basil, needs this Chuck it Sling because she is insatiable when it comes to playing fetch!!! She will go for hours- if you keep throwing…maybe she will tire if I sling it!!!!
    She weighs 6 lbs. and will run, swim, jump, dig or borrow for her toy!!!

  • I have two pit bulls who love to run and chase things. The farther the toy can go the happier we will all be as that means more running these two have do.

  • I have two very active dogs that have way more energy than I do. Always looking for new toys that will keep them entertained and drain some of their energy- this looks like a great option.

  • My cairn is always begging for me to throw the ball, throw the ball & throw the ball. So this sling would be awesome to throw the ball for him!!!

  • My dog would very much like to have this toy because she is really into chasing things! This would give a great diversion from the poor frogs and lizards in my backyard and give my disc throwing arm a break as well!

  • I have a little guy that thinks he’s a big, tough guy. He wears a Harley Davidson collar, with all of his 11 lbs. He darts and runs through the backyard at breakneck speed. Winning a Petmate Ultra Sling would be way more fun than catching the balls I throw in the yard for him to catch and retrieve. This would definitely change up his exercise. I try to find things that keep his interest and make him think in different ways. My dog was a rescue pup and a vet gave him a September birthday. He’ll turn 5 this month! What a great birthday present!

  • i have 3 gals, the oldest would have really loved this but she will be 14 very soon and has some health issues, but the younger child would love this, she loves toys to chase.

  • Our Rusty would love to have this sling as he loves to play catch He would have so much fun watching to see where this goes and then running to catch it.

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