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Upset Cat Stomachs and Purina Veterinary GI Diet #ad

Written by Rachel Phelps

My cat brother Pibb has serious stomach problems. He is perfectly fine for two to three weeks, but then he goes through these spells where he makes what we call the “oh gosh he is going to hurl” meow and everyone jumps into action. I start barking to alert the rents. Daisy and Elvis get into position beside Pibb to … well, have a snack (I know, totally gross, but it is a dog thing). Meanwhile, Mom runs to locate Pibb and move him off the carpet or the couch while Dad gets the paper towels and cleaner. Then, we all watch and wait for him to erupt. This routine got old very quickly, so I insisted the rents take him to the vet. I even offered to go along with Pibb for moral support, but he said no (how rude). He had all sorts of tests done and my awesome vet decided that he has gastrointestinal upset with an occasional hairball mixed in (#catproblems).

So when Purina Pro Plan told me about their new Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Natural Formula, we asked our vet if this would be a good food to try with Pibb and she said sure!

en_gastro_natural_cat-182x300Since the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet EN Gastroenteric Natural formula is a prescription food, it is only available through your vet’s office. This new formula has a lot of great benefits including not having any wheat, corn, or artificial colors. It has natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, is high in fiber to help support digestion, and it is a complete and balanced formula to help get your cat back in tiptop shape.

Does your cat have gastrointestinal upset?

Since upset tummy issues in dogs is different than in cats, I did my research and learned that some of the common signs your cat has GI upset includes:

  • Changes in appetite along with vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Increased or decreased thirst.
  • Dull and/or unkempt coat.
  • Weight loss

If your cat starts having any of these problems you need to take him or her to the vet to get everything checked out. They will determine if diet change, medicine, or in severe situations surgery, is needed.

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