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Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

Meet Woolf

(Woolf is with the The Barking Lot Rescue San Diego, CA)

Why would we name a sweet, 12 pound dog Woolf? Well, first note the double “o” instead of the single, so there is no reference the distant cousin of a domestic dog here. Rather, Woolf was named for the authoress Virginia Woolf. Like her namesake, our canine Woolf is a true lady who is ready to make her name in the 21st century like Virginia Woolf did in the 20th. Rescued from Kern County in December, Woolf is 3-4 years of age, so she full grown and out of her adolescent years, but she has more than enough years to offer the family that will scoop her up. With her upright ears with touches of pink and a fully white coat, Woolf has many feminine touches to her look. Initially on the shy side when we rescued her, she is starting to blossom and show her naturally social personality. She is currently in foster and her foster parents rave about what a sweet, confident, and lovable little love bug she is at home. Woolf is very dog social and spends her days eating and playing with her foster doggie sibling. She loves to snuggle and greet any visitors that come over with a wagging tail. Woolf loves to show off her social butterfly side by saying hi to new friends (both two and four legged) while out on walks. Woolf enjoys belly rubs and human affection above all else, which really isn’t too much to ask for this adoring, wonderful little sweetheart!

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Rachel Phelps

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