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Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Toy Review

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

The aliens are coming, the aliens are coming?!?!?  Ok, not really, but my pals at he Quaker Pet Group recently sent me some totally awesome toys to test out.  I invited my girl BFF Bella over and we had a play date.  We take product testing very seriously.

The Alien Hear Doggy toys come in two sizes.  I played with both, but I only have photos of the big ones.  My brother Elvis took off with the small alien and has hidden it somewhere in the house.  These toys are constructed with Chew Guard technology so they are made to be super tough with a durable liner to help stand up to dogs like my brother Elvis.  I have talked about this great concept before in another one of Quakers products.   To catch up go to  ==>  Go Dog Tough for Fun Toy Review

aliens_toysHowever, what makes these toys totally spiffy is they are ultrasonic.  The squeakers are tuned to an ultrasonic frequency that is out of our rents hearing range.  This means we can squeak, squeak, and squeak some more, even at 2 am, and we won’t get yelled at.  And I promise, the squeaker does work very, very, well.  Mom thinks it is funny to squeak them while I am sleeping to wake me up.  I just give her a dirty look and go back to bed.

To learn more about these great toys, go here ==> Hear Doggy Martians Dog Toy with Chew Guard

Now, back to looking for that alien toy that Elvis hid.  Wonder where it can be….. (sniff, sniff, sniff).

Disclosure –The toys were provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

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