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The Pooch Patio in Dallas, TX

Written by Rachel Phelps

The Pooch Patio in Dallas, TX | PrestonSpeaks.comRecently, when I was in Dallas for an Amazing Pet Expo (did you know I’m their online ambassador?) I had a free morning before I needed to set up my booth.  I told Mom we should go out and see some dog friendly places in Dallas.  So I did my research and found a place called The Pooch Patio at 3811 Fairmount Street in Dallas, TX and told Mom, get in the car!

The concept of The Pooch Patio is a great idea.  According to their website they have full service grooming, doggie day care and boarding, a self-serve dog wash, a bark boutique, a coffee bar, and an off-leash patio.  We arrived around 11 am on a Friday so I wasn’t expecting a happening crowd since most dog owners were probably at work and us dogs can’t go by ourselves.  I told Mom not to tell them that I am Preston.  I wanted to do this undercover so we could tell our pals the inside scoop.

The Pooch Patio in Dallas, TX | PrestonSpeaks.comThe business was very, very, very small, with a lot of products stuffed in every available spot. Even though things were crowded, they had some good quality brands and unique toys in the store.  Mom ordered a coffee drink and heard a lot of store gossip while she waited for it to be made.  Needless to say, it was awkward.  We peeked in on the small dog playing area and the doggies seemed to be having fun, but again, it was very small for all the dogs to play in.

pooch_patio4_wpAfter Mom got her caffeine we headed out to the patio.  The area was double-gated which was great just in case a dog outsmarted his owner and made a run for it.  The Pet Patio is off a busy street so safety has to be a priority.   The patio had a lot of places for the rents to sit and a little area of fake green tuff stuff for the dogs to play on.  I think The Pooch Patio would be a good place for pet owners to socialize and hang out since there are TV’s and Internet access.  However, I suggest you don’t bring your Great Dane because there isn’t enough room for them to get any type of exercise playing.  The Pooch Patio is open Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm, and the weekends from 10 am to 5 pm.

Overall, this wasn’t what I was expecting from their website since it is a house made over into a pet business.  Plus, we went during the day so there were not dogs playing on the patio either.  Maybe in the evening it is a more happening place.  For my Dallas pals, should I give The Pooch Patio another try next time I’m in town?

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