Meet Preston
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Preston goes to Disney World (well “flat Preston” anyway)

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When Mom and Dad went to Orlando for work, I also told them I wanted to go to Disney World and see Pluto and Goofy. They are my favorite Disney characters! But yet again, Mom informed me that I was not allowed to go. Dogs are not permitted at the happiest place on earth! I am really getting tired of being discriminated against! There are good dogs in this world and to ban all dogs means you miss out on meeting great dogs like me! I know I would have been a good dog at Disneyworld!

So instead, I sent flat Preston to experience the Disney magic. The responses to flat Preston was mixed. Some people loved it (I even got a “my first visit” pin to wear!) and other people looked at my rents like they had lost their mind. Mom just gave them this look like I dare you to say something about my flat pet. Most people looked away. Anyway, I want to share with you some great photos from the day!

My first visit pin!


  1. Hi Preston! The last time I went to Disney, there was a dog there! It was smaller than you, but her owners called her a “service dog.” Not sure what kind of service she provided, but she was there! Maybe you could be a service dog on Mom and Dad’s next trip ;)

  2. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    Sorry you didn’t get to go to Disney World, Preston :( I guess I can understand it, but I think they should have made an exception for you :) Love the pictures of Flat Preston with all the charactors and in the different places. Glad you got a 1st Visit button for your *Memories* collection though!

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