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Anxiety Free Pups with the Calmz Anxiety Relief System

Written by Rachel Phelps

Did you know that us Dogs can have anxiety? I personally get very, very, upset at fireworks. I also don’t like the takeoff part of flying on an airplane.  Once I am in the air I am fine, but I admit, I get nervous because those “airy” planes make a lot of noise and then you feel funny for a few seconds too.  To help with these situations I often wear a calming vest.  So when my pals at Calmz Anxiety Relief System said we have a new revolutionary product that will help you on the airplane, I said sure, let me test it out!  I have been testing it out for the last three months on every flight I have taken (eight flights).  Let me give you the scoop!

The Calmz Anxiety Relief System

The Calmz Anxiety Relief System is an adjustable vest for dogs available in six different sizes (from teacup poodles to labs).  What makes this vest special is the cradle on the back which holds an electronic device.  This device sits on specific acupressure points on our doggie spine.  When the device is activated, the clinically proven NeuroSync™ Technology takes over.  We will hear and feel a therapeutic melding of classical music, tones, and vibrations that soothe our anxiety within minutes.  Don’t worry, you humans can barely hear the music at all.  This system is a non-invasive and a drug-free solution for dog anxiety.  There are eight preprogrammed options of vibration intensity, duration, and repeat cycle variations.

Step One Acclimate Us

This step is key. Please don’t just throw this system on our back when we are already stressed out about some evil fireworks or thunderstorms. Trust me on this!  Mom got the vest out a few days before a flight and let me sniff it and check it out. Then, she gave me some treats for just being an awesome dog.  Next, she turned it on and let me sniff and nudge it, and gave me more treats.  At this point it was time to put the vest on me and wear it for a while (while I got treats).  Mom also made sure everything was adjusted and comfortable for me.  Then, she turned on the device.  I admit, I jumped at first, but I was easily distracted with more treats.  I kept trying to look around behind me to see where the music was coming from.  Daisy even walked up, sniffed my back, and asked “Why are you making music?”  I told her I swallowed a radio, but she didn’t think it was funny.  We repeated this process until it was time for my next flight.

The Flight

fullsizerender-25On flight day, I packed my Calmz vest and was ready to take it for the ultimate test.  One word of advice though, don’t put the vest on before you go through security.  TSA will not look very favorably at a dog with an electronic device attached to it’s back … hehehe.  Mom waited until about thirty minutes before time to board the plane before she put the vest on me.  I received several questions from people at the gate, but once we explained how the Calmz anxiety relief system works, some people were interested in trying it out for their pups too.  I guess a lot of us dogs have anxiety issues.  Who knew?

Once we got on the plane and to our seats, Mom turned it on, set it up for medium vibrations, and for it to play music on the longest setting (18 minutes at a time).  It really helped to distract me during the boarding process and I laid on the floor like a good dog and didn’t pace.  I was still a little nervous during takeoff, but overall, I was calmer than without the system.  According to Animal Health Technologies who makes the system, sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to see results on some dogs.  So don’t give up if your pup still has some anxiety, it takes time.  Mom says I did get calmer after a couple of flights wearing the vest.

The Verdict

Overall, the Calmz Anxiety Relief system did work on my flight!  However, you can’t just throw it on your pup and expect it to work perfectly.  Please give your dog some time to get used to it and for them to experience the full effects.

The Calmz Anxiety Relief System usually retails for around $129.  To learn more and pick up your own, go to:

Overall, I give The Calmz Anxiety Relief System a calm dog’s paws up!

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