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Five Ways to Get Involved with Animal Rescue! #NutrishPets #spon

Western PA Humane Society - volunteers Nutrish
Written by Rachel Phelps


A few weeks ago I sent Mom on an amazing trip to Pittsburgh with Rachael Ray Nutrish.  I wanted to go, but due to my pesky allergies, the rents decided it was better I stay home and hold down the fort.  I am a Rachael Ray Nutrish influencer, and once a year we all gather in a different city to volunteer and help animals.  We have been to New York City, San Francisco, Austin, and now Pittsburgh.  Nutrish set it up so Mom could volunteer at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.  Throughout the day she learned about five ways all of us could help out with animal rescue!

  1. Volunteer
    Western PA Humane Society - adoptable dog

Volunteering is so, so, so, important.  It takes a village to help homeless animals, and everyone can help even if it is just for a few hours.  Us dogs need walks, our cages need to be cleaned, and we would LOVE to have someone to play a fun game of fetch with us.  Another thing you can help rescues and shelters with is laundry. You would be amazed how much dirty laundry the pets make daily!  If you prefer to help in an office setting, there are plenty of tasks to assist with from answering the phone, updating websites and Petfinder, to filing adoption contracts.  If you are good behind the camera, you can even volunteer to take photos of the adoptable animals to post online.

Mom visited the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and volunteered for a day.  The humane society has 14,000 animals come in each year, and after being open for over 140 years, they are the city’s oldest shelter and animal welfare agency.  Mom walked a great dog named Jack who is a seven-year-old mixed breed dog.  He had so much fun getting out of the shelter for a little while to explore downtown Pittsburgh with Mom!  I know I love to go on walks with Mom so I was more than happy to give my walking time to Jack for the day.

  1. Social PetWorking – Spread the Word

I bet right now you are either on your phone, tablet, or computer reading this blog post (aren’t you impressed I knew … I’m such a smart dog … hehehe).  What if I told you that you could help animals RIGHT now using your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?  For pets to be adopted they need to be seen by people who want to adopt, so getting their picture and story in front of those eyes is critical.  How can you help?  Follow your local shelters and rescues on social media and hit the share button to let all your Facebook friends know about that cute kitty or adorable pup at your local shelter.  You never know when a post can melt someone’s heart.

  1. Raise Funds

Western PA Humane Society -Money is so important for any rescue or shelter to stay open.  We wish shelters and rescues could run only on the love and devotion of their volunteers, but unfortunately, there are many expenses that must be paid.  Some of these include veterinary care, food, and transportation costs.  Please consider making regular contributions to your rescue of choice or volunteer to plan a fundraiser.

Another way to help raise funds is to purchase products that donate a portion of each sale to animal rescue groups.  For example, proceeds from the purchase of Rachael Ray Nutrish food and treats go to Rachael’s Rescue®, which was created to help animals in need. To date, over $14 million has been donated.  This money has gone toward food, medical supplies, and treatments for unfortunate animals.

  1. Donate Items

The next time you are at the store picking up a bag of Nutrish Dog food for your pup, grab an extra bag to donate to your local shelter or rescue.  Mom and I like to get extra bags of Nutrish to send with all the foster dogs in our Preston Cares Network when they go to their new homes.  In case you didn’t know, Rachael Ray created Nutrish, which is a line of super-premium food and treats for dogs inspired by recipes from her own kitchen.  Nutrish food and treats are available most places you would buy your family’s groceries.

A couple of times a year Mom and I go through all my toys, collars, and leashes, and we donate my old ones (or the ones I’m not too fond of) to Westie Rescue.  Also, don’t forget about donating cleaning products.  Us pets go through a lot of paper towels and disinfecting cleaner. The more items you and others donate to rescues and shelters to cover basic supplies, the more money these groups have to pay for other important expenses.

  1. Start Your Own Non-Profit

If you can’t find a place locally where you want to volunteer, you can start your own non-profit to help animals in some way.  The rents and I started the Preston Cares Network to help Westies in Kentucky and Indiana.  I admit, it is a lot of work, but it so rewarding to be able to make a difference in an animal’s life.

Mom had a lot of fun in Pittsburgh, and said it was wonderful being able to travel to another part of the country to help animals in need.  Next year, I hope I can come along!

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Disclosure – Rachael Ray Nutrish has sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. 


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