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New Pet Products – As Seen on Chicago 7

Metro Paws PoopyPack and PoopCase
Written by Rachel Phelps

My pals!  Today I was on live TV in Chicago promoting the Windy City Pet Expo!  Mom helped me lead a fun segment about great summer pet products.  I admit, I get nervous whenever I am on TV.  Truth be told, I am mostly nervous for mom.  What if she messes up?  I mean, I get to be cute, and the camera loves me, but Mom has to talk!  Don’t fear though, Mom did good and I was amazing … hehehe. Here are the products I shared.

Hyper Pet K9 Kannon

Hyper pet K9 Kannon ToyThis toy is fun for everyone!  The K9 Kannon is a tennis ball launcher and it comes in two sizes.  One holds smaller tennis balls for the small dogs and the other one holds standard size tennis balls (my size).  What is awesome about this product is it can shoot a tennis ball OVER 75 feet!  It has a spot to hold an extra tennis ball and you can use the end of the kannon to pick up the ball off the ground without ever touching a slobbery ball.  I think my dad likes shooting the balls more than I like to go catch them … hehehe.  He says it is very easy to use. You only have to pull back on the handle, load the tennis ball, and then shoot!  It retails for about $20 and is available at many major retailers.  For more information, visit:

IQ Pet StarWalk

Starwalk Activity Monitor If you think about it as a fit bit for dogs, then you understand StarWalk.  This great device goes on our collars to track how many steps we take.  There is an app for your smartphone which allows you to set a goal.  As your dog gets closer to the goal it lights up showing progress.  This product records your dog’s total steps, active time, how many calories burned, the distance travelled, and even the temperature.  I bet you are thinking … temperature?  In the summer this feature can help keep us safe by alerting our rents when we get too hot.  The StarWalk comes in black and white and retails for $49.99.  To learn more and pick up your own, go to:

Buster Activity Mat

Buster Activity MatUs smart dogs need to be challenged.  Granted, it is great to live the life being pampered and all, but mental activity is just as important for us as going for a walk. The Buster Activity Mat can help provide us the mental stimulation we need.  What is great about the mat is there are several activities (puzzles) that can be placed on the mat for us to work on. The key is for the rents to hide treats in the puzzle and we have to figure out how to get the treats out.  As we get better at the puzzle it can be made harder and harder.  The starter set comes with the mat, three activities, and a carrying case.  This retails for about $49.99.  For more information, go to:

Metro Paws PoopyPacks and The PoopCase

Metro Paws PoopyPack and PoopCaseLet’s face it.  When we have to go, we have to go … and you humans have to clean it up.  Metro Paws makes this unpleasant job fun with waste bags available in four colors and sixteen designs.  The bags are bio-degradable in the landfills, strong, and leak-proof too.  The poop bag holders come in eight fun colors. Both retail for $16.99 each. To pick up your own set, go to:

Showing off these great innovative pet products on Chicago 5 was a blast this morning.  Have you tried any of these dog items?  If so, comment below and let me know what you think!



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