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@Fidobiotics Dog Probiotics Supplement Review

Fidobiotics Review |
Written by Rachel Phelps

Recently, at a Pet Expo, my booth was right by the Fidobiotics booth. Throughout the day I got a chance to chat with them about why probiotics are good for us canines. I learned so much and they also gave me two of their products for my dog siblings and I to try out for ourselves. One was the Puppy Breath Crusher and the other was called Good Guts.

Puppy Breath Crusher – Probiotic Breath Deodorizer

Does your pup have what my mom likes to call … garbage breath?!?! That translates to really bad breath. I admit, us dogs get it from time to time. Actually, recently my breath hadn’t been the freshest. I get my teeth cleaned yearly by the vet, but that is only once every 365 days. Mom tries to brush my teeth regularly but I kind of fight her since it isn’t fun.

I was really excited to try these Puppy Breath Crusher probiotics to help with my oral health … it sounded a lot better than brushing! These probiotics come in a chewable tablet. This is great for us pups because most of the time we just think it is a treat. Plus, it has a yummy flavor – “chicken n waffles.” I really liked the taste and Mom says it smells like maple syrup. Honestly, they don’t stay around long enough for me to give them a good sniff … hehehe. To help with your dog’s breath, the chewables have citrus bioflavonoids, alfalfa, kale, and barley grass. After about two weeks of use, Mom said we can breath in her face again without making her gag, so I say these Puppy Breath Crushers work!

Good Guts – Daily Probiotic Supplements

I gave these capsules to my dog brother Elvis to test out because … well, how do I put this nicely … he really has not so pleasant gas. The Good Guts has not one, not two, not three, but seven probiotic strains that help fight all sorts of bacteria. There are also digestive enzymes that help our digestive track break down our food and help us absorb nutrients. Elvis has always had an odd stomach that makes all sorts of noises when he eats, but after a few weeks his tummy didn’t talk as much. Also, Mom said he hasn’t gassed her out of the room as much either. Those probiotics must be doing something right!

The Creative Packaging

I also have to mention that Fidobiotics has fun packaging! The Good Guts looks like a burger container, and the Puppy Breath Crusher looks like a fast food container of chicken. I love brands that have fun with their products, packaging, and not take everything so seriously all the time! Plus, the packages are so unique it is easy to find on the pet store shelf when the rents are in a hurry.

Overall, I give both Fidobiotics products two paws up. They worked for both Elvis and myself. They are also affordable running under $20 each.

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To pick up your own Fidobiotics, go to: Fidobiotics Puppy Breath Crusher  and Fidobiotics Good Guts

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