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PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain Review and #Giveaway – CLOSED

PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain -
Written by Rachel Phelps

Hey pals. At my house we are big fans of water fountains! Personally, I think moving water tastes better! Plus, sometimes, my pain of a cat brother Mr. Pibb likes to stick his paws in the water and drink off his paws. First of all, that is totally gross! Do you humans drink water off the bottom of your shoes … NO WAY! We also get litter in the bottom of our water dish that has fallen off his paws. Yuck! So when my pals at PetSafe said they had a new fountain they wanted me to try, I said woof, woof (yes please).

 Why circulating and filtered water is good for dogs

Did you know us dogs need to make sure we drink water regularly to prevent urinary and kidney diseases? Plus, it helps prevent dehydration. I admit, sometimes when I am having fun I forget to drink enough water then I get really demanding and testy. Mom knows to watch for my signs I haven’t had enough water and shoves a bowl of water under my nose and says drink up! Petsafe told me that for a dog my size I need about 20 ounces (oz.) of water a day. Well, I did the math … with three dogs and three cats, that means in my house we need to drink 60 oz of water a day! Oh my dog. No wonder Dad always says he feels like he just filled up the water fountain … hehehe.

PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain - Prestonspeaks.comCirculating water also helps prevent bacterial growth. Personally, I don’t want germs in my water. My mom threw out some scientific term, called aeration, which means the movement of the fountain breaks the surface water tension and draws oxygen into the water.

Filtering water helps remove odors, bad tastes, and in our case cat litter. It also helps oxygenate the water and makes it more appealing to our picky dog and cat pallets.

 The Stoneware Pagoda

PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain - Prestonspeaks.comThe Stoneware Pagoda has double-sided free-falling streams of water. This means two dogs can drink at once on the lower part of the fountain if we are willing to share. Your pet can also drink out of the top of the fountain which is better for us “large” dogs to have an elevated water dish. There is a replaceable filter in the base of the fountain that cleans the seventy ounces of water the Pagoda holds and Mom says the ceramic is very easy to clean.

The stoneware pagoda comes in four very fashionable colors, white, taupe, red, and now Himalayan blue.   The blue color was actually picked by the viewers of the DIY Blog Cabin Lakeside house. I like the blue because … well … it contrasts nicely with my white fur … hehehe.

To learn more about the Drinkwell Stoneware Pagoda, go to:  Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet Fountain

To purchase your own, go to: Drinkwell Blue Stoneware Pagoda Fountain

 How to win!

How: Comment below and tell why our pup want to win a Drinkwell Pet fountain?

Prize: A Petsafe Blue Drinkwell Stoneware Pagoda valued at $99

Dates: May 7th – May 21st 

How To Enter:
   Make sure to follow the instructions below to be to be officially entered.


Disclosure – These products and the giveaway were provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.


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About the author

Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her Internet celebrity dog Preston from Preston Speaks. Her three Westies — who think they are mini-humans — and three cats rule the house. To learn more about Rachel go to: Rachel Phelps Website


  • Thanks, Preston! My youngest Cairn had a bladder stone in November and had surgery. I home cook for him and give him lots of water in his food. This fountain would be beneficial to get extra water into him, especially with summer coming. I worry about dehydration. Appreciate the info!

  • I think the drinking water pagoda is a wonderful way to keep cool, fresh water available for our Westie. She has an autoimmune disease, which makes keeping everything for her clean as possible a very important task. The new pagoda would be wonderful for her.

  • my dogs need this to encourage drinking more water for their health and since summer is just around the corner

  • My dog would like the Chuckit!® Whistler Ball Dog Toy.
    My cat and dog both need one of these fountains. The vet recommended it to discourage bladder problems by not drinking enough or not drinking water that is fresh enough.

  • I don’t have a dog, but my cat loves to play in her water. I know she would enjoy this.

  • My dog would like the Chuckit!® Whistler Ball Dog Toy.
    My cat needs this because he is susceptible to lower urinary tract infections and the vet recommended it. My dog needs it for the same reason!

  • My dog would like the Chuckit!® Whistler Ball Dog Toy.
    I want this fountain because it is healthier for my cats and dogs and it looks pretty, too!

  • My dog would like the Details about Chuckit! Kick Fetch Max Glow Dog Toy
    I would like this dish because it is a healthier option than just setting out a water bowl

  • Hello, I rescue cats, and have taken in one inside little dog. these animals would really love to have the drink fountain to encourage them to drink more water. These babies have all had a rough life.. and now I am trying to make their life’s so much better. Thank you so much. Blessings always!

  • I no longer have a dog but if I did still have him he would have liked the Chuckit!® Whistler Ball Dog Toy. My cat needs this fountain. She does the same as your cat. She puts her paws in the water to drink. She also wants to move and play with her water bowl. We resorted to used a white pyrex squarish bowl and I put smooth rocks in it so she couldn’t move and knock the bowl over.

  • My dog would like the Chuckit!® Whistler Ball Dog Toy.
    I want this fountain because my pets deserve fresh water and this fountain will provide that.

  • Maxx said he wants one of these fountains because he wants to be just like you. He wants every gadget you have…plus the fresh water is an added bonus. lol

  • The circulating water would be great for the dogs and cats. Especially during the coming summer months.It sounds so refreshing for them.

  • My aussie would love ChuckIt! Kick Fetch Glow Ball. And the Drinkwell Pagoda fountain would be great for all my critters. 2 dogs and 2 kitties.

  • I would love to win this fountain for my dog because it would make me feel like a better dog owner knowing that I am giving my dog healthier water to drink.

  • I would like to win the Ceramic Pagoda Fountain for my dog Hershey to always have fresh water available. We have another dog Baxter who like to stick his whole face in his water dish, so I keep their water bowls separate. It would be nice to have the Ceramic Pagoda Fountain for them to share, which will filter anything that may come from Baxter’s face. LOL

  • I’d love to win this – for my cats. I have Coonhounds and they can be messy drinkers. Right now my cats share the same water so this would give them water they wouldn’t have to share with my dogs.

    As for what Chuck-It toy they’d like best, I think they’d like the Whistler the best.

  • I think my dog would like the Whistler toy the most also
    I want this because it’s much heathier than a regular bowl of water. My pets need the best!

  • That was a wonderful review, Preston. My Australian Shepherd, Stella, is now convinced that she has to have one! She promises to stop tipping over her water bowl if she can have a fountain instead. She says tipping over the bowl is her way of asking for fresh water several times a day. I would appreciate the fountain too so I don’t have to clean up her “fresh water messages” several times a day. 🙂

  • I would love the Chuckit! Kick Fetch Glow-in-the-Dark Dog Ball Toy because we live in a rural area and this would be great for the dark yard.

  • My dogs would love the Chuckit!® Whistler Ball Dog Toy. They love playing fetch and the sound would make it so much more fun!

  • My dog would like the Max Glow Paraflight toy
    I really need one of these and it would be better to win than to buy!

  • My dog would like the Chuckit!® Whistler Ball Dog Toy. She woud have so mush fun runnning around with this

  • My fur babies would like the Max Glow Kick Fetch toy best! It’s bright green, making it easier to see at night, and has raised welts that make it easier to pick up in their mouths!

  • We have a Drinkwell Fountain for our cats and we keep it on the counter. It has worked perfect since day one. A larger fountain for the dogs would be wonderful! That way the cats don’t have to share their’s!

  • I just saw this at petsmart the other day! Katy kumquat the dog is always drinking all the water but is supposed to share with her cat sister Lina. This would help solve the problem of constantly empty water bowls! Thanks Preston!

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