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Bona Laminate Floor Mop Review and Sweepstakes

Bona Mop -
Written by Rachel Phelps

I hate to admit it, but I know us pets can be very messy. But for the record, I say it is mostly the cat’s fault … hehehe. If you followed me on social media last year, you know I got new laminate flooring in my living room. Mom did a lot of research before buying the flooring to find a brand that was made stronger just for us pets. There is one thing Mom didn’t think of though … you can see all our dirty paw prints everywhere! Mom has turned into a crazy cleaning lady in an attempt to make the floor look as good as when they installed it.

Bona Mop - Prestonspeaks.comLuckily, my pals at Bona contacted me about trying out the Bona stone, tile & laminate floor mop. I talked to Mom and she was quick to agree as it could help her keep the floor clean. To help make sure we gave the product a good test, Daisy and I took it upon ourselves to get the floor nice and dirty after a spring rain. Needless to say, Mom wasn’t very happy at all with our contribution!


Bona Mop - Prestonspeaks.comWhen it arrived, Mom took the mop out of the box and put it together. She found it pretty easy to do even though she isn’t always the best at putting things together (you should have seen how long it took her to put my crate together when I was a pup … hehehe). Once assembled, the bottle of Bona cleaning liquid snaps right into the mop. Then, with a push of a button, it sprays a nice even mist in front of the mop.

Bona Mop - Prestonspeaks.comOnce Mom started using the Bona mop to clean the floor, my cat brother Pibb decided he had to help. Mom wasn’t very happy about that. Fortunately, one of the great things about Bona products is that they are GREENGUARD certified. This means it is safe for pets and humans to be around.

Mom was very impressed with the mop handle as it is very sturdy and well made. She says that sometimes when you are cleaning the floor you have to push down to work on a stubborn spot, and the handle was able to stand up to that.

Bona Mop - Prestonspeaks.comHere is a photo of our clean floor! I have to say, I was impressed! Also, the Bona cleaning solution dried fast so we didn’t have to stay in our crates very long at all!

Mom gave the Bona Laminate floor mop two human opposable thumbs up! She said that cleaning is never much fun, but this mop made quick work of a tedious chore. This mop now has a permanent spot next to our broom!

To learn more about the Bona Laminate floor mop, go to:  Bona Stone, Time, and Laminate Spray Mom. To purchase one of your own, go to: Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Floor Mop

 Bona Spring Cleaning Sweepstakes

Our pals at Bona also have an amazing spring cleaning contest going on where you can take a personality quiz to see what your cleaning style (mine is to watch mom clean hehe) is and also be entered in for a trip to Hawaii or a year of cleaning services. Mom said either would be amazing! So make sure to go take the quiz and hopefully one of my pals will win one of these great prizes! Enter here.
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Disclosure – This product was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.


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  • I’m a fan of Bona for our laminate floors. Also, just plain ole water and a little vinegar. With laminate, the chemicals can build up leaving this layer on your floors that attracts every print your dog makes. We did a good scrub down with water the other day to remove it and the floors look fantastic! Midas wasn’t too pleased his tracks were removed though ;).

  • Lovely review of Bona mop! I have heard only good things about it and the fact that I know how pretentious the laminate floor could be, I am sure that Bona mop is one of the best cleaning solutions! Thanks for sharing! Greetings, Sylvia Hopkins!

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