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I Walked 8 Miles at Global Pet Expo with StarWalk!

Prestson at the StarWalk Global Pet Expo Booth
Written by Rachel Phelps

We recently returned from Global Pet Expo, the big industry trade show, and boy are my paws tired! I had so much fun! It was truly a pet paradise. I saw so many neat products, played with new toys, and tried out my new StarWalk, a great activity monitor for dogs. To learn more about this great device, read my previous post here: From Crate to Global Pet Expo with the StarWalk

Let me give you some perspective on how crazy big this expo is. The show floor this year was 311,300 square feet with 1,051 exhibitors (brands) and over 3,113 booths. I had a full three-day schedule of brands to visit, PR people to talk to, products to try, and events to attend. On the morning of the first day I put on my StarWalk and I was off!

My StarWalk Results

  • Day One (8 hours) – 11,699 steps (a dog’s goal on a typical day is 8,000)

StarWalk Activity Monitor -

Day Two (8 hours) – 15, 138 steps

StarWalk Activity Monitor -
Day Three (6 hours) – 6,869 (I admit, I slept in and got started late. I was one super tired pup at this point)

StarWalk Activity Monitor -
Grand total: 33,706 steps or 7.8 miles. I burned 812 dog calories, and my active time was 8 hours 53 minutes.

StarWalk Activity Monitor -

Overall, I really liked having the StarWalk tracking me. First, I think it made the rents more aware of how many steps I really take. Sometimes I think they forget that my legs are a lot shorter than theirs!

The StarWalk has lights that light up per 20% increments towards me reaching my goal (just like a human Fitbit). I am a goal-oriented dog and I need something to work towards just like you humans. Every time it flashed a new progress light I was a happy pup that I was one step (get it, one “step” … hehehe) closer to reaching my goal. It was also a great reminder to Mom that it was time for a water break too!

Prestson at the StarWalk Global Pet Expo BoothI also got a lot of questions from the Global attendees about the StarWalk. I think Mom had a little too much fun bragging about her super athletic dog … hehehe. She pulled out her phone like a proud mom to show people how many steps I had taken that day on the StarWalk app. People were impressed. I also had to chuckle when they would then tell me how many steps they had taken with their human activity tracking device … and I had taken more steps than them on my StarWalk. Yep, you totally got beat by a 19-pound dog. It had to be at least a little bit humiliating BOL.

Overall, I am a total fan of the StarWalk and plan to continue wearing it on my travels to see which cities I walk more at than others. It may be a while though before I try walking almost eight miles in three days again!

The StarWalk retails for $99 and you can pick one up here .

Disclosure – This product was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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