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Leash Alert Review |

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Preston with her Leash Alert LeashWe ran across the Leash Alert product at an Amazing Pet Expo, and we wanted to share with you my pals this wonderful idea! Each Leash Alert leash clearly communicates an important message to everyone around while it is being used.

We have been helping with animal rescue for several years now, and each dog that stays with us has a different personality/temperament. Unfortunately, sometimes they also have issues. It can be very difficult to quickly communicate with people how to treat one of the foster dogs when we are out. It is amazing how quickly you can be walking along then suddenly someone is already bending over to pet them or telling their dogs to go say hi to that cute Westie. These leashes are the solution!

The Leash Alert leashes are nylon, about an inch wide, and about six feet long. Each type of leash is a different color, and has a very visible and important message stitched into the leash. Here are the colors and messages.

  • Yellow – Adopt Me
  • Red – Caution
  • Green – Friendly
  • Yellow – Nervous
  • Orange – No Dogs
  • Blue – Training

leash alert leashesSince Daisy was starting her first training class, I thought she would be the perfect dog to test out the blue training leash. Daisy said because she had the training leash on, she knew Mom was serious about her paying attention. Mom said that the leash would come in very handy when Daisy is ready to go out in public and do some training with distractions. Sometimes, Mom takes us to local parks and pet stores and has us do our commands to keep us on top of our obedience game! But when we are out, people will interrupt our sessions to ask if we are Scotties (NOPE, Westies!) or ask if they can pet us. This training leash will hopefully help keep those people at bay while we work.

We think these leashes are a great idea and will hopefully prevent unwanted encounters when dogs are out in public. To learn more, and to pick up your own Leash Alert leash, go to:

Disclosure – This product was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.



  1. Leash Alerts is a fraudulent business. They have stole the product from another company and are being sued for damages and under investigation by international law of Copyright and Intellectual Property infringement. The real company who created these and own them is called and all of their products are tested, and made under quality control.
    These leashes from Leash Alerts are of a much poorer quality and should be avoided.

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