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Preston Visits the Las Vegas Strip

Preston from on the Las Vegas Strip
Written by Rachel Phelps

Wow, I didn’t realize how long this Las Vegas Strip is!  This is going to be a walk!

I am heading back to sin city this weekend to make an appearance at the Vegas Pet Expo.  As I was beginning to plan my trip, I realized I never showed you how much fun I had last year when I was in town.  I convinced Mom and Dad to take me out for an evening on the Las Vegas Strip to see the sites.  Here are some photos from my fun filled evening (and yes I’m going back to walk the strip next week too)!

Preston from on the Las Vegas StripPreston from on the Las Vegas StripMaybe I should have paid more attention on “Talk Like A Pirate Day” last year!

Preston from on the Las Vegas Strip  I LOVED watching the Bellagio Fountain Shows! 

Preston from on the Las Vegas StripI led the way on our walk!

Preston from on the Las Vegas StripCesar Palace fountains were very impressive and they didn’t care if I sat on the edge for a photo
(unlike the mean cop in Owensboro)

Preston from on the Las Vegas StripI tried out the slots!  But I was quickly told by security I couldn’t play because I wasn’t 21.

Preston from on the Las Vegas Strip
I ended my walk with visiting the big cats!  And yes they were HUGE!

Note: all the Harrah’s properties are pet-friendly so you can now go to Vegas with your pup.  Also, since they are pet-friendly, we had no issues with me walking through their casino areas and the shops.  There policy states:  “Dogs are permitted to walk through designated common areas while on a leash and accompanied by the owner.”

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