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Written by Rachel Phelps

While I was eagerly awaiting my UPS driver, (I stand watch at the door in the afternoon) I realized that almost every day I get something really cool for me or my dog brother Elvis from some great company.  However, my brother and sister kitty cats almost never get treats or toys.  For a split second, I almost felt bad for Mr. Pibb and Dr. Pepper.  Well, that was until I remembered how mean Pepper is to me and how much her claws really hurt!  I decided I should only feel sorry for Pibb.  So I asked Mom if I could give him some of the new Iams treats I got.  Mom told me, “That is so kind of you, but you can’t give cats dog food.”  Ok, so I thought, well, I’ll give him a bully stick instead (I got a bunch for Christmas).  I carried one over to him and dropped it at his feet.  He just looked at me as if I had lost my mind.  Then, in a sarcastic voice he has most of the time, he said, “Do you know what part of the cow that is Preston?!?!  That is just disgusting?!?!?”  I couldn’t believe his reaction … and they wonder why us cats and dogs don’t get along. I really tried, oh well!

So, since my cats are being so difficult, I have decided instead to do a giveaway for my cat pals here online.  My pals at Iams are giving not one, not two, but three bags of their great cat food.  That’s not all – I’m throwing in this gift basket I snagged while crashing MeowWorld this past fall at BarkWorld.  I don’t think the cat people caught on that I wasn’t a cat.


Enter below and tell me if your cats get along with your dogs.  Also, do you have any tips for me to be a better little dog brother to my kitty cats Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb?





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Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her Internet celebrity dog Preston from Preston Speaks. Her three Westies — who think they are mini-humans — and three cats rule the house. To learn more about Rachel go to: Rachel Phelps Website


  • We have a cat only household right now, but they all love my parent’s dog (but considering he’s a little ‘hot dog’, and my boys are BIG Maine Coon mixes they probably think he’s an interactive cat toy lol) , I think they get along with dogs, birds,hamsters & more because I raised from birth when they were abandoned and I lived in a home with a lot of critters. They are cats though so maybe ‘tolerate’ would be a better word 🙂 I think you are a great brother because you are trying-and this great giveaway should give you some brownie points for showing some kitty love. I know ‘we’ are all excited and think you’re post was funny but sweet!

  • Don’t you listen to Pibb. The pizzle is the nommiest treat for a dog! Cats don’t know a whole lot, or so I’m told.

    I missed meeting you at the Expo. Hope to see you in D.C.?

  • With a small home and three!!!! cats we unfortunately do not have room for a dog. I have a feeling that our boys would be somewhat bossy to a dogbrother, they certainly are to their dogcousin!

    On a side note, we used to have five cats, but unfortunately our two old boys passed within a month of each other just before and after Christmas. The rest of the boys are still adjusting to the loss.

  • Our cat doesn’t care for dogs at all. He puffs up to twice his normal size, makes his fire stand on end and growls so pound you’d think he was a bear.
    As for tips to be a better brother maybe if you ignore your feline brothers and sisters they will wonder why you have changed and become friendlier. Or maybe roll in some catnip.

  • The dog and the cat do not get along well. Sissy (dog) wants to play with the cat and the cat is not interested. It usually ends up with Sissy getting swatted by claws.

  • Our kitties are just about to turn one year old and have been Iams kitties since we got them! They are the sweetest, gentlest sisters and so very entertaining – can’t imagine our family without them!

  • I have eight doggies, three of which are rescues and two rescues kitties. My kitties are weird kitties, they act more like dogs than cats. They come when called like doggies, they sit and ask for treats like dogs, they cry to go outside like dogs and are house trained like dogs (they go in and out with the dogs to potty)…they are very confused kitties. I think my youngest kitty thinks he is a dog. I found him abandoned as a very young baby kitten who was still nursing age….brought him home and bottle fed him and he was raised with and by all my little shelties…. The other kitty adopted me….he just came running down the road at me one day while I was getting the newspaper, jumped up on me, followed me to the door and never left. He was at some point a member of a cat colony as he is neutered and has the ear tattoo that they used to use to mark altered cat colony cats in my area. The cats don’t pay any attention to the dogs….they mostly ignore them but when they do pay attention to them, they do silly things like head bump the dogs. One of m shelties kissed their faces and they head bump him and rub against him. However they do not like dogs, just their dogs as if a stray dog comes in the yard or someone walks a dog past our house, they run the opposite direction and will hiss and growl and acts otherwise cat like… It’s pretty cute how they get along. And my kitties would love to win this prize. Thank you.

  • Oh, tips for you to be a better little dog brother to those poor kitty siblings of yours. Share your mommy with them because they need love and pets too even though we both know doggies need the most love cause they are the best. (don’t tell the kitties) also leave them alone when they are sleeping cause kitties get grouchy if you wake them up Even though it’s really fun to see them jump when you surprise them by waking them from a deep sleep. And last, even though it’s really fun if they will run real fast, do not chase them. If you are nice, the kitties may even start being nice to you (although you must not ever trust those sneaky cats because cats do stuff and then blame it on sweet doggies and cats are michevious and think it’s funny to get doggies in trouble). If you do these things, mom will think you are the very best doggie brother ever and will get you more special treats and toys (and you do not have to share any with the kitties) and will tell you how good you are and let you write more stories on your doggie webpage. And don’t forgot, no matter what those sneaky kitties say, doggies are still the best! But we have to give the kitties special treats and surprises sometimes so they don’t get their feelings hurt. They are very sensitive and cry easily. So wag your tail and give your kitty siblings some cat grass or a fish treat and they will think you are the coolest dog ever! Have a nice day!

  • Don’t personally have any pets, but would love to win this for a friend. He’s got a pitbull named Jackie and a cat named Tiger, both generally avoid each other but they have no problem getting along

  • We just have a cat, but when she has met dogs, she hasn’t gotten along with them very well at all 🙁

  • No, our cat and dog don’t get along. The dog is super aggressive and chases the cat through the house. The cat is faster so there is no way the dog can catch her but I still hate that my husband got that stupid dog.

  • I’m tempted to switch my cat from Iams to something more $$$ but after so many years of consuming nothing but human souls i don’t know if my cat will be ok with the switch.

  • Hi!
    My name is Daraya and I love dogs. Lol. I really would love to adopt a puppy from a rescue but I am tight on money and need to raise a few hundred dollars for future vaccinations as well as the adoption fee, toys, food, and other dog supplies.

  • We don’t live with any dogs right now, but when we lived at the shelter there were lots of dogs in and out. Some of them were quite friendly (and we were friendly to them in return), but other dogs made us quite nervous.

  • i dont have cats, however, my neighbors have cats and my oldest gets along with them, but the 2 younger ones have never been around cats.

  • My cat, Shadow, finds the dogs annoying. She doesn’t like when they try and play with her and take her toys. She’d love if it was a cat only house : )

  • My cats and dogs love eat other ! One of my dogs even flea’s my eight year old cat, Precious, along with my Flamepoint cat and , My Simese kitten , BO!

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