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Iams Love Tails Contest

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Iams Love Tails Contest
My pals, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentines day!  Yep, you’re probably wondering why would a dog like this smoochy holiday so much?  Well, I was mom’s Valentine’s Day gift four years ago.  But don’t freak out, I wasn’t a surprise.  Mom was involved every step of the way picking me out, bringing me home, etc. Mom says she was the best present she ever received and  I always give her unconditional love!

Our pals at Iams know how great unconditional love is from a pet is and has a really neat contest for all of us to enter.   Beginning TODAY February 14, Iams will search for real stories from pet owners about the unique bond they share with their dogs and cats. And, the winning two and four-legged “family” will star in Iams next national advertisement! (how cool is that to be on TV?!?!?).  We can log on to the Iams Facebook page , from February 14 through March 3 of this year, and follow the easy steps to enter the contest.

Here are all the important details!

•       Submit your story from Feb. 14 through March 3 by visiting the Iams Facebook page and following the easy steps.

•       Share a photo and tell Iams in 500 characters or less about the unique relationship you have with your dog or cat and how Iams helps you show your love.

•       Once the submission phase is over, Iams will select 50 stories (25 dog and 25 cat) as semi-finalists.

•       From the semi-finalist Love Tails, Iams will select 10 finalists (5 dog and 5 cat) and each will win a cash prize and free Iams food for a year (can’t ever go wrong with free food..yum!!).

•       In April, Iams will ask its Facebook fans to choose their favorite Love Tail from the group of finalists and one grand prize winner will be selected.

Good luck my pals!

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  1. How cool is that?!? Thanks for the heads up on a great contest!
    *high paws*

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