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Teleseries call 3: come command is today (1/14)

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

Do you have questions about getting your dog to come when called?

Holistic dog trainer Alecia Evans will be answering questions on one specific topic every Monday for five weeks. If you have a question you’d like to ask Alecia about coming when called, please leave a comment on this post or call in on Monday night’s call.

The number one rule of In Sync™ Training is SAFETY.  All dogs and pups must learn to come.  Unfortunately dogs dog not come programmed with the Come Command, so they need to be properly instructed and taught this command with clarity and purpose.  Come is a command that can literally save your dog’s life.   Come is a layered command that needs to be taught gradually but consistently and used on a regular basis within your daily training conditioning to ensure a safe, reliable pooch that comes when called.   Using the In Sync™ Method, Alecia will share with you her insider secrets on how to get your dog to come every time and how to best respond when they don’t.   She will share with you her training regimen and the best ways to work your dog in a way that you will both really enjoy.

Alecia had a last minute trip today and can’t make the live call tonight but don’t worry we recorded the call early and you can hear the whole session for FREE HERE!

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