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Casita Big Dog Rescue and Work Together to Help Animals

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

Being the busy dog I am I get lots of e-mails.  When this press release crossed my desk about how and the Casita Big Dog Rescue (CBDR) work together to help animals it caught my eye.  We love it when the pet industry works with rescues and shelter groups. has taken a unique approach to charitable giving – they formed their own rescue. brought together a team of shelter technicians and marketing executives to form the Casita Big Dog Rescue to help the homeless animals in Florida.  They built a state-of-the-art pet rescue facility and hired top-notch trainers and staff to run a rehabilitation center for dogs pulled from the Citrus County Animal Services in Inverness, Florida.  The rescue is 100% financially supported by

Every dog pulled from the county shelter receives six full weeks of rehabilitation and training at Casita Big Dog Rescue before they are available for adoption.  This is a concept we LOVE.  We have traveled the country visiting rescue groups and shelters and we have found that one sign of a good rescue is that every animal under their care has a plan (such as the CBDR’s rehabilitation program) to get adopted.  Keeping an animal in a shelter environment for months or years on end isn’t good for the animal.  In fact, it makes them less adoptable since they haven’t been living in a home environment.

On top of their great rescue work, they have produced nearly 200 videos on their website showing adoption stories and training tips.  Now, they even have their own local television show on Sunday nights that is also available on YouTube.

So … if you live close to Inverness, Florida, volunteer at CASITA.  If not, go check out their YouTube channel here:

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Rachel Phelps

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