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Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

We are so excited because it is Halloween.  Plus, we are wrapping up the National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.  We have heard of many great stories all over the web about doggies finding their forever homes.  In honor and recognition of all these people who have given their shelter pup a loving home, our pals at Frosty Paws wanted to do a giveaway here on!

I have to ask, dogs, have you ever-tried Frosty Paws?  OH MY DOG!  They are one of the best things ever!  It is “ice cream” made just for us.  Back when my blog was just a pup we did a review on the great treats.  Here are all the details ==>

This giveaway is not just for one prize, or two, or even five, but for TEN WINNERS!  Every winner will get a prize pack with coupons for two boxes of Frosty Paws frozen snacks (What did you think? … I would ship you the frozen treat?  What a mess that would be … hehehe) and your very own plush frosty paws dog.  Personally, I think he is a Westie!  His name is Frosty, but if you want, you can name your stuffed animal Preston instead (hint, hint)!  The value of this awesome prize is $17.63.

So what are you waiting for?  Enter now!

How to win!

How: Comment below and tell us:  How did you and your doggie meet?

Prize: TEN lucky readers will win a Frosty Paws prize pack (open to the US only)
Dates: October 31st – November  13th
How To Enter: : Comment below and tell me how you and your doggie met.  Make sure to follow the instruction on Rafflecopter to be officially entered.
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Disclosure –The giveaway was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her Internet celebrity dog Preston from Preston Speaks. Her three Westies — who think they are mini-humans — and three cats rule the house. To learn more about Rachel go to: Rachel Phelps Website


  • I first laid eyes on my Bentley at the train station. I was moving back to NC from RI and I asked my mom for a pup. Well, I received my wish who greeted his mommy right off the train 🙂

  • My Carin Terrier had gone to the Rainbow Bridge in March. In June a friend called me to ask if I would like the half-brother to her Westie. She had been in touch with the breeder. He had been with the breeder’s mom, but she decided she didn’t have time for him. The breeder would not sell him as he had a hernia. So, we went to see him, named him Percy–a boy’s name I had had picked out for a long time. And it has been love ever since–he is totally the ruler of the house. I consider Percy to be my own little rescue since his first family rejected him.

  • I met Kukie on a community website. His Mama had gotten out one night and had a romantic encounter which produced him. His Mama’s family didn’t want to keep all the puppies so he came to live with us!

  • I met ChazzTheDog on the Internet. I went looking at websites to see about doggie adoption. His picture (his face) caught my eye and I stopped to read his lil bio. I called and made arrangements to meet him. It was kismet, meant to be. I adopted him at that first meeting. we’ve been inseparable ever since. Lucky him, luckier me.


  • My co-worker had a litter of dachshunds she needed homes for so we adopted Benson, then the person who got Kobe couldn’t keep him so we got him too! 🙂

  • We met Rodrigo when we went to an adoption event to “ask questions.” We met his sister, Sydney, a week later when I decided 2 dogs were much better than 1. The leader of the rescue group felt that the only female in the litter would be perfect and she was right. It was love at first sight.

    We met Blue this past May. I saw a video of him and couldn’t get him out of my mind so we went to visit him and it was love at first sight for my boyfriend.

    That rounds out our trio of black dogs 🙂

  • I found her tied up in an alley as a puppy. I think the people could not keep her in their nearby apartment. They may have also been planning to fight her we later learned. So I took her out of that alley and home with me!

  • We got Chloe when she was just a little puppy of ten weeks old! LadyBug has been with us now for awhile…we adopted her from Bichon Rescue. Thanks for the chance to win! xo

  • […] We are so excited because it is Halloween. Plus, we are wrapping up the National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. We have heard of many great stories all over the web about doggies finding their forever homes. In honor and recognition of all these people who have given their shelter pup a loving home, our pals at Frosty Paws wanted to do a giveaway here on!….  […]

  • We met our Dylan just after he was rescued from a puppy mill. He’s lost the tips of both ears apparently from frostbite and was underweight. He’s been with us now for over eight years and lives the life of Reilly – never has to worry about the next bowl of food and an always

  • i met my dog diesel when i moved in with a family friend after getting kicked out of my mom’s house.He was there for me for the tough time to adjust from being kicked out and moving in with someone i didn’t really know.

  • After losing a very beautiful and loved Lab, Bear, to a sudden illness, my dad’s heart was broken. Dad has some memory issues and he woke up every morning and got out of bed thinking he needed to take Bear out. Once he would remember that Bear was gone, he would mourn his loss over and over again with crocodile tears. We found Murphy (a beautiful Scottie!), on Petfinders, applied to adopt him from the rescue and went through a screening process. Dad asked several times a day if we had been approved and could we go pick up. He was determined from the minute we found his picture that Murphy would be his. The approval finally came and we drove 3 hours one way to pick him up. Murphy’s new daddy put the collar on him the second he saw him, took him for a walk and they are now best buddies. Both souls were rescued that day.

  • We found out about Jack from a classified ad. Their dogs bred before they were able to get them spayed and neutered. He ran right up to me and started licking my hands. It was love at first sight:)

  • Ozzie here! mees and Ollie were in wees little stall just chillin. mum came in an looked at wees an walked away, dat is when mees started ta cry until mum came back an looked at wees again an said I love dem! an wees all went home tagether! xxxx

  • My husband wanted a dog so badly, so he called around to see if there was a boy Westie puppy and there was. We went to meet him, it was love at first sight. Benny came home with us that night.

    Maryland Westie Rescue had an 11 month old boy who needed to be in a home without kids, so my friend called me. We went to meet him and he was so sweet, but we had to see how he would interact with Benny. They were instant best friends, instant brothers and Riley has been a great addition to our family ever since.

  • We met Angus when he was just a baby, there are only 2 westie breeders in our area and there is usually a waitlist to get one! We had been waiting to meet Angus for 2 years and it was love at first sight for us. There were 5 pups in his litter and he wobbled over and snuggled right up to us 🙂

  • When our beloved Murphy passed away from a twisted stomach I knew had to have another dog. Murphy was a wonderful Vizsla. We drove 2.5 hours to go and get a little Vizsla puppy. I had a choice of 4 males and picked Schooner. He pick me. When Schooner was a year old I decided Schooner needed a brother so we rescued Skipper at 6 months old. We drive 8 hours to go and meet Skipper. Schooner and Skipper had a great time playing and romping and we YES. So off we started for the 8 hour back home. Both are Vizslas and the BEST brothers. Schooner is now 3years old and Skipper is 2.5 years old. They love the water and we needed boating names that started with a “S” because all of our names start with a “S” That is how they got their names. There is nothing better than the love of a Vizsla.

  • We have 2 dogs. We got Teddy in ’05 when we were searching the local shelters for a new dogs (after a year or so after we had to put down our 13 yr old goldie/collie mix Spike) . Anyway, we were thinking maybe we’d get a small dog or a breed like an english bulldog. But our local shelter we always go to got in a 6month old puppy. He came from Indiana, a bushy, big teddy bear of a dog and my mom fell in love. He’s a collie, shepard, show mix. Fiesty, nippy difficult puppy that we grew to love. Daisy our Amstaff mix came to us from my boyfriend who found her wandering on the side of a road near a cornfield. She was about 5lbs or so maybe a month or two old. Always shivering, and getting car sick. He brought her over saying that his parents wouldn’t let him keep it and I was thinking my mom wouldnt let me keep her so I was prepared to take her to the shelter. But wouldn’t you know it my mom and dad fell in love. Little did they know she’d be a 60 plus bull dozer of love lol. Life would not be the same without them around.

  • I met my Diggums 4 years ago as a 4 month old puppy nobody wanted. My dad brought him home as a surprise and boy was it a great one! He is an English Shepherd and we have had so much fun together. He has had to endure lots of medical problems (seizured when we had him for a month for unexplicable reasons that resulted in a neuro exam by a specialist, torn cruciate ligament that has been surgically repaired, hypothyroidism, and Diabetes Insipidus) and has been a wonderful patient through everything! We enjoy every moment we have together and he loves to travel to many canine events and strut his stuff! We are always looking for new tasty treats that can be used for fun and for taking his daily medications! Here’s to all the fun we will continue to have!

  • Petco was having an adoption day, we saw 2 chow mix puppies named cinnamon & sugar and fell in love with them. They are now 10 years old.

  • I first met Leo when I went to see him and his brother in ATL. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one. I liked his brother too, but that bark of his confirmed that I should take him instead. 🙂 He’s one now.

  • I met Sissy when she came on a rescue from Alabama in Petsmart. I was looking for a rescue dog and she was perfect. She was under 25 lbs, full grown (3 years old) and adorable. She is a corgi/cocker spaniel mix.

  • Our doggie was my niece’s doggie. He was rescued from the pound. When my niece moved to another state she left him with her grandma (my mom). My husband and I were visiting my mom and they wanted to give him back to the pound. We didn’t want them to so we took him in and he’s had us wrapped around his little paws since then.

  • We were on vacation in the Caribbean and went to the local ASPCA, took one look at our Gracie and that was it, she flew back home with us and has been the joy of our lives ever since.

  • I read about Steel. Her family couldn’t keep her. Three hours later we were on our way home. Who could say no to those big brown eyes?

  • Molimo showed up at our office one day in the arms of a friend. She was found wandering the streets and then she wandered into my heart.

  • First, when i was searching for puppies to buy, I saw Maya, who was my puppy now, in an online shop in Philippines. then we go where Maya lives, and when I saw her… I am so shocked how her eyes glow when she saw me! This is the first time I fell in love with a cute puppy! When my mom made a deal with her owner, we go home. And after 1 day we go back to Maya’s house….
    And again I saw her glowy eyes! She is like saying: ‘Are you my new mommy? I like you! I am so happy!’ I’ve never been saw a puppy like this before! THE END.

  • We wanted to see a Coton de Tulear. We thought a small dog was not right what we wanted, but it turns out the right small dog was what we needed. When we found out he needed a new home we just could not leave him behind.

  • My mom and dad saw me on, but I was at a shelter in another state. Fortunately a very nice rescue group helped coordinate a trip for me from Louisiana to Massachusetts so that I could go to my mom and dad! And as they says we lived happily ever after!

  • We went to pick up his sister actually and she didn’t want anything to do with us but he was all over me so we ended up taking him home instead

  • I have 3 Furkids. Dagobert was advertised in a Munich Germany Newspaper and was told he is a runt. We didn’t care and picked him up by Train on Christmas Eve 1999 (he was so little, only a hand full, and now is a handsome boy weighing 20 lbs). Both Scooter and Luna were from Little White Dog Rescue in Omaha, Scooter a Scottie 5 years old given up by his Family and Luna 1 year old from a Puppy mill. It was love at first sight with all of them.

  • I met Cici 7 months ago. It was love at first sight. Her mom’s owner was about to send her to the shelter because it was not a “planned” litter, but I took her in, and although she does not have very good genes, she has ear problems, and is difficult to be trained with her temperment, I have not, and will not give up on her :).

  • One of my Schnauzers had just passed a month before & I had been looking on Vada & I both needed a new friend to ease the loss. I saw Beverly & immediately knew I wanted to meet her. She was at Scottsdale Pet Hotel; my other schnauzer Vada & I went to meet her & I knew this was the baby I was looking for. She is the best; at first very shy(was found on the streets of Yuma). Beverly & I went to obedience traning(more for me) & she is awesome does a bunch of tricks & we train everyday together….:)

  • I met Cheyenne on I knew a collie (mix) would be a good fit for my family, and input the search criteria. Cheyenne was courtesy posted by a foster family in my area, though she was really located in Tennessee. We spoke extensively with the rescue group and decided she was a perfect match for us, and she was transported up north. Who says long distance relationships can’t work?!

  • i have 3 little girls, all min. schnauzers. evie, the oldest, i met when i answered an ad in the newspaper. i have looked at several dogs and she just spoke to me. the owner could not keep her b/c she had 2 and was due to have a baby any day. her husband had gotten evie as a surprise. i had wanted another min. sch for a long time, i had one in college, that my parents ended up taking (they kept her while i was doing an internship and refused to give her back). tressa, i got from my breeder. i had wanted another dog of hers for over 3 yrs, but she would not sell her, then she said evie would do better w/ a puppy and not piper b/c piper was 3 and a little temperamental (she had been an only child). then piper had puppies and could not have anymore due to complications. i had to have one of her puppies is how i got harley. harley is so much like her mom in so many ways….so now i have 3 little girls that are the loves of my life…

  • I met my dog Kita at the humane society in Rapid City ten yrs ago. I went to look at female dogs and she was the only one that came to cage door and gave me a kiss on my hand. They were about to give up on her and she was going to be the dog of the month. She has had a few issues but we have worked on them and have been happy together since.

  • I met Kibo when he was six weeks old and we bought him. I met Sabrina through a local animal shelter and we adopted her.

  • I worked in a Pet Store when I met Junior.No one wanted to buy him and he was 3 months old and I had a 15 year old Westie Poo at home that liked all my attention.A lady that hated to see dogs in Store windows came in and saw how I always gave Junior attention.So she bought him and gave him to me to take home.I was a little hesitant at first because of Falcor .But even though they didn’t always get along,it was good.Falcor passed 1 year later and I am so grateful to have Junior.And to get him out of that store and somewhere to be loved.He is going to be 6 the day after Christmas.The stuffies look like my Falcor.He was my baby that moved from NJ after 10 years to Fla.finally AZ his final resting place.Still miss him..He passed the day before my Bday 4 years ago RIP Falcor

  • We met our beloved dog, Casey at the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington DC in March 2011. My husband and I were there for an appointment with an adoption counselor when someone came in to return her after they had adopted her a week before. So we took her home to be with us forever. Now we can’t imagine our lives without her.

  • We currently have 5 dogs. Our oldest is my Pug “Chopper” I met him from a breeder after I lost my first Pug in a tragic accident when he fell through the ice in the neighbor’s pond. Our next would be one of our Pits “Lilly”. We got Lilly from a family when she was a year and a half old. My daughter had recently lost the love of her life our St. Bernard “Snoopy” who was 12 and she 15……….The family we got her from had originally gotten her from the local Humane Society. Then there is “Bell” our Chihuahua, I found her on one of my routes (I used to be a Mail Carrier) When her and her brothers decided to escape through the rungs of the fence 🙂 We brought the cute brown one home. My son had just lost his St. Bernard which I had rescued from another “customer” but was to sick with heartworms to be saved…………. 🙁 We did our best and he was happy in his last few days……….. Then there is one of our newest “Dominick” he is a Pittie I am guessing around a year old. We have been fostering him for a local rescue and have decided to adopt him. He had his appointment this morning and is now a “Gentleman” and all ours! My husband has been lost since we had to send his best friend to heaven a few months back. We lost our Great Dane “Zeus” to cancer earlier this year. My husband was there when he was born and loved that dog dearly. Our Aunt had Zeus’s parents, he was the first puppy born and named before he even came out 🙂 Then there is the very newest and short term resident “Chico” He came to us just wondering the neighborhood. About a 4 or 5 mo. old Pit puppy. Solid white, one white eye and one green, beautiful little dog but unfortunately deaf. We found his home and took him home once. Made sure they were aware of his “hearing issues”, they were, so the next morning…………….there’s Chico! Running loose again! He has been here for 2 or 3 days now. I took him this morning to get his vaccines and he’s headed in on Thursday to be a “Gentleman” himself 🙂 Then he is off to a new foster!! A local rescue is taking him on. I don’t want to send him back to them when they are so clearly NOT looking out for him. He has been here all this time and they have not once come looking for him…………he’s hopefully gonna get a better life. Anyway……that’s the whole pack 🙂

  • I got to meet my Bailey when I went on a date with her daddy. Soon she became my Bailey and I became her mommy. It was one of the best days of my life.

  • I saw Ella, our Chihuahua/Terrier, on a shelter’s online adoptables page and went down to meet her. Fell in love of course and adopted her!

  • I work at our county shelter. I was on my way home at 5pm on a Friday when I saw a kennel worker walking this cute little dog, who happened to be wearing a SpongeBob Squarepants smock top with a bow tie. He was a happy looking little fellow. I went outside to see him. He was all hugs and kisses. Not bad for a dog who was abandoned in an apartment. This week makes 5 years that I brought him home. He has not changed a bit. Still the most lovable dog I’ve ever met. He is such a little Rascal, so yes Rascal is his name. I had at the time, an older dog, Boogler, that I had for years as an only dog. I didn’t know how he would take to having a brother. But it was a wonderful experience. Boogler lived for 10 months with Rascal until he had to be put to sleep at 15 1/2 years old. They loved each other and were always together. 2 months after his death, I found Georgie on PetFinder for Rascal. They too are the best of friends, in a different way, but still they are always with each other. I can’t imagine being without rescued dogs. They are the best!!!

  • I went looking for a local shelter after my min pin passed away and Velveeta waited for me for over a year to come rescue her…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

  • My sister and I were are little chi mix dogs foster moms. We picked them up at the Irving TX shelter on a Tuesday and were supposed to take them to the Petsmart adoption event on Saturday and instead we were at the shelter on Saturday paying their adoption fees ourselves. Markie and Sandee are the two most beautiful little boys ever! Please remember to adopt dont shop!!!!

  • My sister and I were are little chi mix dogs foster moms. We picked them up at the Irving TX shelter on a Tuesday and were supposed to take them to the Petsmart adoption event on Saturday and instead we were at the shelter on Saturday paying their adoption fees ourselves. Markie and Sandee are the two most beautiful little boys ever! Please remember to adopt dont shop!!!!

  • I had been searching for a shelter pup for a several weeks when I saw an 8-month-old hound mix named Khandi (now Elli) on Petfinder. I arranged a visit w/ her at her shelter and fell in love with her sweet disposition. When I saw her at the shelter, I sat down on the floor and she walked over to me, placed her front paws on my lap bringing her nose to nose with me. She sniffed me over and licked my face. I was pretty sure she was the one then. After a few days I arranged to pick her up. Elli and her litter were turned in to the shelter as newborns. The entire litter contracted parvo and were sent to another state for treatment. Miraculously, they all survived. I couldn’t let a little fighter like that spend any more time outside of a warm, loving home.

  • Goliath and I met in store and when he nibbled on my shirt, I knew I had to take him home. Cleo and I met at the Arizona Humane Society. And finally Sampson and I met online through craigslist in New Orleans.

  • Me and my pup, Romeo a german shepherd dog, met by a total surprise. I had no idea that my parents were driving me to meet my new baby way out of town.

  • For some reason, I have always known that I would have a dog named Shelby. When my beloved firstborn, Truffles, passed away, we decided to adopt from a rescue. We narrowed in on Aussies. After searching local Aussie rescues, we saw her, Shelby, a surprisingly laid back, 4-year-old Aussie. All of her characteristics fit perfectly and the name struck me because I had always thought I would have a dog named Shelby. We met Shelby a few weeks later on a short trip to Indiana. She has been a treasured member of the family ever since.

  • I met my dog Sonyadore at a dog shelter. I was just going to look at the dogs and maybe foster to adopt, but I was specifically looking for a smaller dog. When I saw her though, I could not resist. She is a border collie/lab mix. I fostered to adopt her for 2 weeks and fell in love! I have had her ever since and she has learned so much! At first, she was crazy biting and your clothes and feet especially. After lots of training and love, she moved passed that and now trusts me with almost anything!

  • A very nice local rescue group was set up in front of a store one Saturday, and this one little pup caught our eye. I have never adopted a pet on impulse before, but we just knew she belonged in our family!

  • Jack: My first doggy, from a litter that was posted in the Newspaper classifieds.

    Zora: Left in the back yard of our new rental house by previous tenants.

    Midget: A stray, we were never able to find her family and she stuck around.

  • Schnitzel we got when her breeder brought her into the vet for her 1st shots! Simon is from the Western Montana Humane Society 🙂

  • Biscuit is actually my surrogate dog. I am friends with her dad. since i can’t have a dog where i live, I visit her, dogsit frequently… she gets more excited when i show up that her own dad!

  • My dog was a rescue doggie. The family that had her was abusive to her and they were planning on moving and leaving her chained in the back yard. When they left, leaving her, I picked her up and took her into my home. I made sure she was not hurt and I have taken care of her ever since. She is spoiled rotten now, as she should be. She is very loved and very well cared for. She loves frosty paws and expects a “treatie” when I come home from anywhere I’ve been during the day! 🙂 Her name is Kiarra or KeyKey!

  • I got her when I saw her in a window at a pet store (I know you shouldn’t buy from pet stores), but I couldn’t resist her sweet face.

  • My first dog was my foster dog who I ended up falling in love with and keeping. Now I have three dogs. The others I received from friends who know I love dogs and can’t say no. English Mastiff, Yellow lab and a chihuahua.

  • My dog was brought to us from a family member of a friend.They found him and their father was threatening to shoot him.The minute he walked into our home,he jumped on the couch and started giving kisses.It is now 10 years later and Lestat is still a member of our family.

  • We met in a pet shop – but not what you are thinking. It was a locally owned shop, she was from a local breeder, and she was nearly housebroken when we got her. She was the cutest little white poodle with black spots – and she was such a tiny little thing. Now she is still lively, although she is nearly 6 years old, and she loves her treats. I would love to win this giveaway for her!

    • Amanda we don’t judge..heck I came from a breeder. Mom and dad picked me out of a litter of six. My brother is a rescue from a puppy mill so we find our perfect family in all different ways.

  • I’ve had my cat since she was a kitten. I got her from a friend. I think she’d have fun batting the frozen dog treats across the floor and licking them.

  • I found my baby in our local paper! She was the last one and we commited to get her on Christmas morning!!! It was a great day!!!

  • We met when the rescue I volunteered for, gave him to me to foster. I fell in love and couldn’t bear to part with him so I adopted him myself.

  • We found Pru abandoned under a home which had been hit by Hurricane Katrina. She was just a baby and the people had left her to fend for herself. We found Zeus and Rusty at our local shelter. We took one look at each other and knew we would be best friends for the rest of our lives!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

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