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Kong Chew Treats Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

Everyone knows Kong as the company who has those really awesome toys that our rents put treats in the middle of.  Did you know that Kong also has bags of treats?  Actually, they have a very yummy treat line.  My pals at Kong sent me some new Kong Chew Treats to try out and to share with you my readers.  Each bag has ten chew buddies.  They are in all sorts of fun shapes from a squirrel to a cow. Kong Treats -

Kong Chew Treats are designed to last a long time while cleaning our teeth.  They come in three assorted flavors: Bacon, Chicken, and Fresh Breath.  According to Mom, they really do smell true to the flavor.  These treats do not have any wheat, corn, soy, or animal byproducts. They also don’t have any harmful preservatives or colorants and only contain natural ingredients.  Best of all, they are also made in the U.S.A.

Since Miss Bella was hanging out at my place I decided to be a gentleman and share. Even she liked them and she is one picky dog!

Bella gives the Kong Chew Treats two very feisty paws up!

But don’t just take our word for it, try them out for yourself!  Three lucky winners will each win two bags of the chew treats to share with their doggie friends.

How to Win:

Prize: THREE lucky readers will each win two bags of Kong Chew Treats

Dates: August 20th – September 3rd 2012

How to Enter: Comment below and tell us: Who would your dog share these chew treats with if they won?  Do they have a best dog pal?

Can I earn Extra Entries? Yes, follow the instructions on Rafflecopter for additional entries.

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About the author

Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her Internet celebrity dog Preston from Preston Speaks. Her three Westies — who think they are mini-humans — and three cats rule the house. To learn more about Rachel go to: Rachel Phelps Website


    • BOL I probably wouldn’t share them either if I didn’t have to live with my brother. These treats are yummy!

  • Our Duckie would share them with anyone who comes over, he tends to share his toys with our guessed as he does, he likes to surround with love of his squeekies and bone

  • Oh. I so need to win these. I need to find something for my puppy to chew on before I lose everything in my house..She is 8 months old and lab mix. I saved her from the Marshall county animal shelter..Was told labs are great with kids and I have 5 grandbabies..we love her so much and i know its a puppy stage but she destorys everything..Sure hope these will help..Thanks

    • Good luck in getting through the chewing phase without to many things destroyed. I was never a big chewer but mom introduced me to the chew sticks when I was a pup so I always destroyed those! But the dog I was named after Peabody he ate the kitchen floor when he was a pup (I bet he lived in the dog house over that one!)

  • My dog, Sheila, is an only child. She chooses to be that way because she doesn’t like any other dogs in HER apartment. She does go on play dates about once of week to her “grandparents” house to play with her friend, Molly. She steals all her toys there, but I don’t think Sheila would be as generous if Molly came to her house to play. At her other friend’s house, she has 5 doggy friends under one roof! They love dental chews and I think they’d love to try this out.

    • That’s the way to have it! Don’t have to share anything at your house but go over to your pals house to play with their stuff! Tell Sheila I said woof! (hi!)

  • Dumpling would share these chew treats at the dog park, with all the neighborhood dogs. His best dog pal is a bichon that lives a couple blocks away from us.

  • My new puppy Bailey does not have any friends right now.
    He would love to share with the dogs at the shelter.

    • well let Bailey know that I’m his friend! If we lived in the same place we could hang out. I love puppies!

  • Baby Luna, our white german shepherd puppy, has lots of cousins to share treats with. Including Abbey, a doberman, Mufasa and Mila, dachshunds, not to mention all of her neighbor friends. We will need a LOT of treats to share with all of her friends!



  • My Westie Leo would share his treats with anyone. He is very sweet and social. He makes friends fast.

  • Rocky, Buddy & Tripp are pretty good about sharing toys, beds and the rents with our frequent foster pups. Right now, it’s Desi & Lucy that are guests. What do you get with 5 – yes, five! Westies in the house? Never a dull moment!!

  • I would like to think Bella would share them with you Preston, but after your parents told me how she wouldn’t share them, being so delicious, I guess that she would not share. We are looking into counseling for her new disorder. does A&E have a Treat Hoarding Pets show yet?

    • Well I learned really quickly to just let Bella has the bag BOL! It is always better to let the girls have their way 🙂

  • Boot would probably HAVE to share with his sister Peanut. His best buddy Attila the Hound would need to get one too…

  • I have 2 Carrien Terriers their names are Reba and Woffie. I know for a fact that they would share their Kong with their best friend a Pug mix named Winston. So I hope they win so they can do just that. I just love my babies.

  • My Bernese Mt Dog, Tonka, is 95 LBS and two yrs old. He would share his Kong treats with his best friend in the world, Emmett. Emmett is a three yr old stray longhaired Persian, adopted by our family. they are always together!

  • Cocoa would share them with her new friend Ellie Mae. My son rescued Cocoa (a newfie/black lab mix) when she was only 10 weeks old and now he is grown and just got a blue tick hound named Ellie Mae 🙂

  • Lilly would definitely share them with her best doggie friend next door, Tucker the Puggle. When Lilly was adopted from the shelter, Tucker was the very first dog she met when she came to her new home. They hit it off instantly! If we win the free treats, I can definitely see Lilly and Tucker relaxing in the front yard, each enjoying their own Kong treat.

  • My dog Cici would share with her Shih Tzu friend, Perli. Perli is a rescue puppy and was separated from her 5 sisters and brothers; Cici has been like a big sister for her, she follows her around everywhere! I’m sure they would both enjoy sharing some Kong treats.

  • My dog LOVES these!! We have numerious chew treats but she prefers the kong buddies. Are esp nice when we are leaviung for the day, she gets excited instead of depressed because she gets a couple in her crate before we go! Thanks!!!

  • Bella Luna here! I’m 6 months old and my sister Timber is 12.5 yrs old! She has shown me the ropes and been the bestest big sister so I would share them with her. She doesn’t get hand signal lessons from mommy and daddy like I do. I guess those two floppy things on her head do something for her as mine are just for looks!


    • Thats awesome that you are learning hand commends..that is so much harder at least for me than the voice commands…You’re one smart dog!

  • Well Aengus would share with his brother. We had to give him to a friend not too long ago due to needing to focus more on Aengus. Aengus has wobblers and needs extra help and attention, so now his brother Remmington is living the life of luxury with a friend of ours. So we would probably have to send Remmy some. 🙂

  • My Dogs would not share with anyone, Their motto is when it comes to any kind of snacks, every dog for yourself.

  • Our Julie would not have to Share with anybody, Because she is a Only Child. She would Probably let My Wife hold it, Just for a Minute though…

    • Deuce is one smart dog! He knows who controls the treats and food so it is always better to share with our alpha parent!

  • My dog, Cody, eats these Kong treat so fast that I don’t think he will be able to share it with anyone. Even some of the treat are designed to last for a while to clean his teeth. But he just eats it like a soft treat.

  • I live with 2 Bullmastiffs, Frida and Georgia! So I would give treats to them. They devour everything, Wubba Kongs too! Frida chewed moms pincushion today. Kong treats would be better!

  • I would really love to see what my dog would think about the big Kong treats – I know I like them because they are so cute and I’m sure Theo would too.

  • my dogs would gladly share with their friends here in the complex…we are staying at a weekly apt complex and see alot of needy friends come and go so like their food they share toys and treats as well, Its makes all of us feel just a lil bit happier.

  • I only have one dog and I’m almost positive he wouldn’t share with anyone,not even me 🙂 haha

  • Cinnamon and Sugar would share them with each other. They are bff’s..

    ladyblueeyez1960 at AOL dot com

  • Pancake would share these with all her doggy friends as she loves all her friends! but she might be greedy and eat most of them herself!!

  • DUSTY: If we won these, we would share with Olly, our cousinfur Lab in Harford county, MD, and with Stella and Meshack, our cousnifurs in York County, PA. Thanks for having another great contest, Preston!

  • Hi Preston…we (Max & Sophie-we were in the stroller) met you yesterday at the Pet Expo in The Woodlands…we had sooooooo much fun…
    We would share our treats with our cousins, Jodie & Bulldog…they are Boston Terriers & Jodie has cancer…she is being treated at Texas A&M and is realllly fighting the good fight with lots of love and prayers from all her family, friends and the grrrrreat people at A&M…put her on your prayer list…Thanks Preston…hope we get to see each other again soon…Heart Hugs…Max & Sophie 🙂

    • Max and Sophie you two are just too cute! We loved meeting you! We will definitely put Jodie in our thoughts. It was great to meet you!

  • Scout would share the treats with Atticus since he’s her brother and the only dog she feels safe around…Atticus would be very torn….he would want to share with Scout cause that’s family…but he would also want to share with his first best friend, Stormy, who is a Rottweiler, but we hardly get to see her any more….and finally, there’s his newest best friend, Irbe, who is a Whippet/Weimaraner mix, and also Atti’s mommy’s granddog!! So that makes them related somehow…Atticus gets a headache trying to figure it out! So, I guess we would be in suspense until the treats come…..It’ll be a real nail biter, y’all! 🙂

  • My Bella and Abby would share them with their pals at Kountry Kennels in Hampshire, IL. Not only are the human and fur friends like family and the best every when I am out of town for work. They give back to the community in helping local shelters and animals in need. I could not think of any more deserving place to share the treats with. They are the best
    Thanks Preston

  • Sammy would share with his big sisters, Sally-Anna and Lilly. Sammy is the newly adopted baby in the family after Sally-Anna and Lilly lost a brother, Benny-Jack, in March. Sammy was adopted in April, and Sally and Lilly love this bundle of joy. He’s full of energy and keeps Sally, who’s a 19 year young chihuahua’s tail wagging and smiling, and a 3 year old sheltie, Lilly, on the chase. He’d be more than happy to share the Kong Chew Treats with his newly adopted big sisters! 🙂

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