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Doully Tales Book Review (and Giveaway) – CLOSED

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps


Since I’m a dog that writes, I was excited to check out the new children’s book called “Doully Tales … If you’ve ever loved a dog” by Cindy Blanchette. Doully is a very mischievous Australian Sheppard and the book is written from his point of view.

His owner Cindy has big dreams for him. Unfortunately, all those dreams involve Doully being a well-behaved dog which he has no intention of being since he just wants to have fun. Doully is a handful to say the least and likes to get into trouble just like me!

The book starts with him as a puppy and preparing to become a show dog. However, Doubly states “I was destined to be a show dog, not necessarily a good one but a show dog nonetheless.” One small problem is that Doully gets car sick, so even getting to the shows was an adventure in itself. He even tried attending training class but that didn’t go well either. In the following quote from Doully, I think he sums it up well for all us dogs who have endured hours of classes:

“One think I learnt about my human friends is that they repeat themselves a lot. They use words like sit over and over again. Now, I’d heard her the first time and I knew what sit meant so why did she always feel the need to repeat herself? I liked to think I was an intelligent pooch, so when she insulted me this way I completely ignored her, hoping she would go away.”

Doully tries other sports too such as obedience trials, agility, search and rescue, and even herding … all with funny results. For example, right before one obedience competition, he made his Mom trip and fall into a big puddle and she had to go into the ring covered in mud!

In his book, Doully tells it like it is to you humans by saying what most dogs are too polite to say. One of my favorite quotes is:

“And, by the way, why did the cat have an inside toilet and us dogs had to take it outside? They pooped in the house; I didn’t see them getting their noses stuck in their business!”

At the end of the book, Doully realizes his true calling was to be there for his Mom and his family as a family dog and to give unconditional love.

Overall, this is a witty and clever book for the young readers in your house that love pets. It is one hundred and twenty pages long and you can pick up your copy here:

I am having a contest of my own, and I am giving away one copy of this book to one of my fans!

How to win!

Prize: One lucky reader will win their very own copy of “Doully Tales … If you’ve ever loved a dog” by Cindy Blanchette.

Dates: May 5th – May 19th, 2012

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

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  • All of my dogs are seniors, but only one of them acts like it. I can’t blame him, though. He is a super senior at 14 years and 9 months old.

  • My pet is not well-behaved. He likes to chew on the wooden blinds and jump up the doorframe, only to only to slide back down while holding on with his claws and making a terrible nails-on-a-chalkboard sound. And of course he does this at bedtime. That’s a cat for ya. But I love him anyway.

  • Dumpling is somewhat well-behaved (he growls/barks when he hears our neighbors in the hallway of the apartment building). He is almost 2 years old in dog years and acts it!

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