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Moving? Don’t Leave your Pets Behind (Giveaway) – CLOSED

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Humans! LISTEN UP! If you are moving, you MUST, I repeat, you MUST, take us with you. When you decided to be our pet parents you took on a LIFETIME responsibility to take care of us, love us, and not leave us.Since I’m pretty good on the computer, I answer some of their e-mails (don’t worry I never let them know they are talking to a dog hehehe). From those e-mails I can’t tell you number of times they say “we are moving next week and can’t take Fido with us, can you take him?” It makes me so upset because we rely on our parents to always be there. However, I do admit finding pet friendly places is a challenge sometimes. Luckily, there are great resources out there for rental homes that allow pets. One such place is has all the information you need to find the right property for ALL your family members. It is a great website that lets you search for rentals in your city (or where your moving) and you can filter them out by the ones that accept pets. So now you humans have no excuse to not move us with you! has a great blog post with tips to finding pet-friendly rental homes. I have pulled together some of my favorite tips below, but please go to to read the rest.

  • Start early. I can’t say this enough. Waiting to the last minute to find a pet friendly place is a recipe for disaster. If you know you’re moving in three months, then start contacting properties right away. Also, don’t you dare even look at a place if they aren’t pet friendly. Don’t think you can sneak us in, or worst (gasp), decide you love this place so much that you don’t need us anymore.
  • Use pet-friendly resources. Call the town’s local humane society or vets office and ask them if they know of anywhere that will accept pets. Pet people know other pet people and they may have connections to help you get into that pet friendly rental.
  • Get everything in writing. You never know when the property manager you signed your lease with may leave and the new manager may not be as pet friendly. Having everything in writing protects you, and more importantly protects your pet from being evicted. has some other great articles with good pet pointers and tips. Some of my favorites include:

  • – When your moving out of your rental there are simple things you can do to help get your damage or pet fee back.
  • – What is your perfect apartment pet? I want to always say a Westie of course, but I do admit we have very loud barks that your apartment neighbors may not appreciate.

For more great moving, rental, and even decorating tips, go to, like them on facebook (click here) and follow them on twitter (click here) too! These sites will help to make your house a pet friendly home.

Any resources us at Preston Speaks can give people to be able to keep their pets even when they relocate we are all for! My new pals at decided they liked you guys too! They are sponsoring a giveaway on where one one lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to PetSmart! Oh boy oh boy!

How to win!

How: Comment below and tell us have you moved with your pet? if so how did it go?
Prize: ONE lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to PetSmart (open to US only)
Dates: February 9th – 24th 2012
How To Enter: Comment below and tell us have you moved with your pet? If so how did it go? Make sure to follow the instruction on Rafflecopter to be officially entered
Can I earn Extra Entries? Yes, follow the instructions on Rafflecopter for additional entries.

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  1. I have not moved my pet but my daughter has moved her cats. She made sure the litter box was in place at the new house. Then she brought the cats in, showed them the litter box and allowed them to wander the new house.

  2. Rebecca Graham says:

    We haven’t moved yet with our dog.

  3. Yup! Have moved from overseas with my dog, who was 1.5 years old at the time. We came from an Asian country to the US. It was a slightly stressful and expensive ordeal, draining my partner and me of our limited savings, but it was 100% worth it. Our dog is now 7 years old, and no doubt happier living here with us than he would have been with anyone else back in his “home” country.

  4. Yes, I’ve moved with my pets and it went fine.

    I even once drove with a friend and her 3 catsin her tiny car from California to New Orleans…that was an adventure….trying to walk 3 cats to relieve themselves at truck stops!

  5. Bunny Allen says:

    I have moved many a time with pets while growing up. I have to say my parents never gave a animal up when we had to move. Being a army brat we moved every two years and we even moved back to the Ky from Hawaii, my parents ALWAYS started looking early for a place that allowed pets. I grew up in house that pets weren’t just pets, they were family. I remember once we moved from Ft. Knox Ky to Central City Ky and I had a small pony, that pony road in a jeep with my uncle and me. Talk about a ride I will never forget. All our animals always adjusted well.

    • prestonspeaks says:

      I have to ask do you have any photos of that trip? I bet you all were a site going down the road bol!

  6. No, I have never moved with my dog.

  7. I moved with my dogs and cat, but luckily it was just five minutes away and I had bought my parents house, so they knew the house.

  8. We have moved with both our dogs. It was a smooth transition. Our dogs are great in the vehicles and had no issues. We made regular pit stops for the whole family. Our dogs are use to going places.

  9. Moving with my dog wasn’t bad because she was so young & really didn’t have a strong attachment to my old apartment yet. I only had her a few weeks & had to keep her a secret because that complex was not pet-friendly. My younger sister was my “pet sitter” and kept her out of the way of us moving boxes and furniture. The only issue I had was that it took her quite a while to adjust after the move. To make a long story short, none of my neighbors were fond of her initially !!!!

  10. We moved across town- had to lock the dog in the bathroom while the movers were carrying everything so she wouldn’t get hurt. Next time we will plan ahead and take her to a friend’s house!

  11. Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger says:

    We moved to our new habitat and my parents made sure that I was super comfortable. They took me to the new house and let me get used to all the new places to stalk and smell. I had all of my toys and my beds so I felt comfortable and I was allowed to explore when I was ready. The ride in the carrier was a short one so that made me even happier.

  12. When I was younger, we moved a few hours away, our pets were unsettled at first, particularly the dogs, but they soon bedded in and got used to it perfectly fine. One of my dogs in particular tends to sleep on a particular armchair we have which probably made him more comfortable!

  13. Mary Happymommy says:

    Years ago we moved with our poodle and it went smoothly except for the first night in our new home. We hadn’t had a chance to put in window blinds or curtains, and our dog just kept staring out the window at the streetlights and barking. We covered up the windows right away the next day and then he was fine.

  14. I moved a lot with my cat since I was living in apartments when I first got him, moving every year. That went well and he always found his kitty box and used it, luckily. My dog seems to adjust pretty well too but she had to move a lot less.

  15. Deb Anderson says:

    Yes, I have moved with pets before but never very far away. The only time I remember having problems was moving into an apartment and I was told pets were okay. But they forgot to tell me there was a $400 pet deposit due on move-in! Ouch! I paid it of course, had no choice, but it was an unplanned and unexpected expense.

  16. weve moved 3 times with our dog cross-state.. its always been fine he is a trooper!

  17. My Bubba and Sissy (cats) have moved from one part of the country to another with me. I got them when I lived in Atlanta and we moved back home to Arizona a couple years later and then several years ago we moved to Kentucky. They have lived in four states and several homes (and rentals) and I would never dream of leaving my babies behind.

  18. Jennifer Marie says:

    I have not moved with my pet yet, but I will be sometime in the future. I do not really look forward to doing that.

  19. We have only moved with one pet- and the dog traveled in the car with us. We have NEVER left an animal behind.

  20. We moved with our dog. It went well because he got a bigger yard!

  21. Yes, I moved with my cats. It took time for them to adjuct in a new house

  22. I have traveled with my pets and I had such a hard time. :(

  23. I haven’t moved with Bella but I travel a lot. I love it! I love going on trips with her. We are actually going to South GA for the first time this weekend with her, thats where I am originally from. We are going to be bringing her to meet new people! Wish us luck!

  24. Never moved with our pet but have taken car trips!

  25. We moved with Percy, he had to adjust to our new house.

  26. I have moved with pets before. I remember my helping my mom move her pets and there were three cages in the back seat of her car- two cats and a rabbit- and one cat screamed for three hours while we drove to her new place. It was a pain but they weren’t going to get left behind.

  27. We haven’t moved yet with my dog.

  28. yes we’ve moved before and she did pretty good

  29. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    It took a while for our dog to figure out where he wanted to go potty
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  30. yes I moved with my cat and he did very well! thanks!

  31. Janice Cooper says:

    Fortunately I’ve never moved with my pets.

  32. Jaragabrielle1018 says:

    Weve moved with our doggy Moose, and he did super well!  We just kept him with us most the time, and drove.  he loves to ride in the car!

  33. Yes, I have moved with my cat and she did very well. When we got to the new house, she, of course, found it a bit strange and tip toed around for a while but she settled in quite nicely. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

    katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Yes, we moved with our dogs and they loved the new large fenced in backyard. It went great with no problems.

  35. Yes, it went well. Just had to pay a $300 pet deposit :(

    • prestonspeaks says:

      We think pet deposits aren’t fair..most pets don’t have can they expect us to pay that?!?!?

  36. I moved (only about 20 minutes away) with my cat but I didn’t buy a carrier (he is strictly indoor and I rarely take him out) and he was super scared in the car. I was beating myself up for that stupidity and now I have a nice, roomy carrier ready just in case.

  37. I have not yet moved with my two cats, but I will be this fall. Crossing my fingers it all goes well, as it is across the country.

  38. I moved cross country with three pets, 2 dogs and 1 cat. The cat was tricky, he was not used to the car. He had a big carrier and eventually got used to it. We put a small litter box in the carrier. Each night we stayed at a hotel and he got to stretch his legs. The dogs were ok although one needed anti carsickness medications. It was a lot of work but we made it!

    • prestonspeaks says:

      Across country! Wow that must have been one long trip. One of my brother cats he meows non stop in the always jokes we can’t move far way or dad is going to have to be in the one in the car with him for the road trip hehehe

  39. I’ve been in the same home for the last 21 years, but would NEVER move to a place that wasn’t welcoming to my dog and cats.

  40. We moved with 2 cats this past summer. It was only about a 15 minutes away. We moved the rooms one at a time and moved the cats and there stuff last. Our girl cat got very car sick and puked all over her carrier (but shes always fine going to the vet). Once we got her cleaned up she ran all over the new place exploring and checking it out. Our boy cat hid for two days in the basement (where the food and litter box was). Now they love running around. Previously we lived in a one floor TINY apartment now we are in a big townhouse!

    • prestonspeaks says:

      Well we all know cat can be a little “weird” just kidding..but I’m a dog..I can’t figure them out and i have been living with them for three years! But it sounds like once they calmed down they had much more room to explore!

  41. I haven’t moved with my cat…yet. I’m expecting to move in the next year, so I’m nervous for how that will go!

  42. Michelle Spayde says:

    I’ve moved with several pets on multiple occasions. One of my dogs, who is no longer with me, moved with me NINE times. Chloe’ was also a Chow Chow, making it a bit more difficult due to breed restrictions. I wouldn’t say that it was either easy or difficult because it was just a fact that I required housing for a Chow Chow, two Poms, and a cat; just like some people require x number of bedrooms.

  43. melissa pruitt says:

    we moved from virginia to florida and it was fine my dog loves car rides!

  44. We haven’t moved our pets dog, turle, and fishes but we are planning to move by next year. I will see how it goes.

  45. Yes, my husband’s company moved us to Germany and back. The company took care of all the paper work and expenses. But it was stressful thinking of her alone and scared on the plane not understanding what was happening to her.

  46. I’ve moved with a pet and it’s always gone fairly well. We would keep our cat in our new room at first and then slowly let him out to explore the rest of our new home…he seemed to adjust easier that way.

  47. No, I’ve never moved with a pet.

  48. We moved from NC to Texas with our Poodle and it was not a problem.

  49. Yes, we have always taken our pets with us when we’ve moved. I wouldn’t move anywhere I couldn’t keep them!
    textbookmommy at gmail dot com

  50. I have not moved with my pet

  51. Rebecca Shockley says:

    I have and it was rough, although once settled in, things went back to normal!

  52. Secret Burkheiser says:

    We have never moved with our dogs. If we do move they will come with us, they are a part of the family.

  53. I have moved many many many times with my cats. Each time the move has gone really well. When its a local move, its really easy as they are the last to get moved and only get moved after the house is all put together for them. The one long-distance move we made was a little more stressful on them but still went well.

  54. we have not moved with our dog-:)

  55. Very nice article with some very important linkies to halp pet parents when moving. Fanks fur sharing it wif us all!

  56. Sleepyheadedmom says:

    I have not moved with our dog but we are house shopping right now. Each time we look at a house we always keep our puggy in mind. His needs are just as important as ours.

  57. Of course, we took Sophia with us. The move went really well for all of us.


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