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DrinkWell Pet Fountain Review

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I love water just like any dog but having to share a water dish with three cats … oh my dog! My brother cat Pibb likes to dip his paws in the water bowl before he drinks. But he doesn’t wash his paws first … how disgusting?!? So my water always tastes like kitty litter … yuck! So when I was approached by Drinkwell to review their Pet Fountain I said yes please!!!

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain is more than just a water dish. It plugs in the wall and gives us running water all day and night. It was a six foot cord that uses a regular outlet. It can hold and circulate 50 oz of water and if your dogs and cats likes to really drink you can purchase an additional 100 oz bottle that goes on the back. It has a charcoal filter in the back that removes all the bad tastes and items (i.e. cat litter). And what is cool is the filter is replaceable! One tip is when you put a new filter in have your rents rinse it out good to get all the loose charcoal out of it so it doesn’t end up in your water. The water falls from the top of the fountain onto a ramp so it does not splash everywhere either.

Mom says it disassembles completely so you can clean everything. Plus, it comes out of the box already put together so you don’t have to get the instructions out and try to figure out where each piece goes hehehehe.

Just like you humans, it is always good that us doggies drink more water. Yes, I know what your thinking, but that means we will need to go out more … hehehe. But seriously, it helps keep our urinary track in tip top shape and in turn we are more healthy and hydrated. Plus, it may keep your cats off the counters and in the sinks since they now have their own “falling stream” of water to put their paws in.

I do have one complaint, they put a huge picture of a cat on the box, and the dog got only a small photo on the top. Drinkwell, you need to fix that asap. Can I suggest a Westie on the box … I know a great model who works cheap!

Overall, I give Drinkwell Pet Fountain two paws up and a lick of water!

To purchase one, go to: Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

Your pal,

Disclosure – The fountain was provided to my rents and I free of charge by Drinkwell. However, opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. Thanks for the review. I haven’t bought one yet cause I wasn’t sure they worked this well. Now I can.
    Sue B

  2. Thanks so much for this review! We were wondering how this thing worked!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug


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