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LeashLocket Review

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Recently, I had the opportunity to review a new leash out on the market called the LeashLocket. Well, I knew something was up when Elvis offered to do the review for me and had a big smile on his face. Then it dawned on me to review a leash you had to go on a walk! For us dogs walks are the best thing ever! We get to see the sites, mark on some fire hydrants, and make sure I catch up on the neighborhood pee-mail. So i decided to handle this review personally!

The LeashLocket is a leash that your doggie carries with them. There is a strong magnet that goes on our collars and then the LeachLocket sticks to it. Your human clips the end of the retractable leash to the D ring on our collar. I had the size small, red. I do admit for a 18 pound dog it was kinda bulky and I don’t suggest a smaller dog wears this all the time. But it was very handy for mom to just grab off of my collar and out the door we went! The leash extends to six feet and the cord is not a rope but looks like a black nylon ribbon. My dad was excited about that. I got him good one time with a rope retractable leash on the back of his leg and he still has a scar..ouch!.

The rents say the locket is designed very well for the humans to hold easily to with one hand. There is even a big “brake”button on the side to stop the leash from expanding/retracting. It also comes with a wrist strap to make it even easier for them to hold. Mom really likes the strap but she wishes there was some way to keep it on the LeashLocket that I wear. Mom put it in her pocket before the walk and then forgot where she put it so we had to search the house for it. Mommy is one silly human!

For a little dog I am one strong walk puller when I walk close to my neighbor’s fence (they have two big dogs there) and the leash held up very well even against a strong westie like me!

Mom even mentioned that the leash is small enough to keep in her purse when I’m not wearing it so she always has a leash just in case.

The LeashLocket comes in two sizes (small up to 55 pounds and large up to 90 pounds) and four different colors(black, blue, pink and red). It is convenient, small, and the best part is for each sale they donate to helps abused and neglected pets.

Here is the links to the red and black lockets on amazon (you get free shipping there).

Overall two paws up!

DISCLOSURE: I received a sample leash to review. The opinions are my own. Also, purchases made through my Amazon affiliate links on this blog yield a small referral fee.


  1. Hey Preston! We will check out the links and see if we can get mama to get us some of those cool things!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

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