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May is National Pet Month!

Preston from Preston Speaks
Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

I love that I have a month for me! May is National Pet month. This month celebrates the benefits of pet parent-ship and supports pet adoptions. My mommy says having pets is the best thing in the world.  My siblings -the cats Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, and even Ashes love hanging out with mommy and daddy . Sometimes I get jealous when they get their mommy and daddy petting and time.  But I know they love them as much as I do just in a weird cat way.  In celebration of this great month Purina has a website that has ideas of fun stuff to do with your humans.  Some suggestions include giving extra treats (I always love extra treats!), a massage, and even a mani-PETi. But I veto the nails cutting..thats no fun for me.  You should check out the site at  There are even coupons for you human to use to buy you treats.

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps, “America’s Pet Parent,” is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She keeps busy managing the career of her Internet celebrity dog Preston from Preston Speaks. Her three Westies — who think they are mini-humans — and three cats rule the house. To learn more about Rachel go to: Rachel Phelps Website

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