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@Twigo Pet ID Tag Review – Great Travel ID

Twigo Tags
Written by Rachel Phelps

Since I am a roving dog, I talk at most of the Amazing Pet Expos about traveling with your pet. One of the pieces of advice I often give is to make sure your pet has a travel ID tag with you cell phone number, or even a local number of the hotel where you are staying. When my pals at Twigo told me about their great ID system that doesn’t require engraving, I quickly realized this tag is perfect for traveling!

How to personalize the Twigo Pet ID

The Twigo is a do it yourself ID tag that you can personalize instantly using the enclosed marker. You just have to write your pets name and your contact info on the back of the tag. If you mess up, don’t worry, you can remove the writing and start again with rubbing alcohol. Once it is exactly how you want it, you place the tag in boiling water for two minutes. When it is done, the ink will change colors to purple to show it is now permanent. Obviously, please let it cool and dry before you put it on your pet’s collar.

Twigo features

The tag is made out of a flexible rubber type material so it actually acts like a dampener to the other tags your pet wears like a rabies or dog park tag. Twigo also has one that is actually a silencing pouch where our tags can go inside of it and our names can go on the back!

The tags are weather proof, the writing doesn’t fade, and they are super easy to clean when we decide to play in the mud … oops!   Twigo has a lot of really neat designs available to personalize our tags ranging from baseball to one that says Mom with a heart on it. Any guesses which one Mom picked out for me? Yup, sometimes she goes overboard.   Personally, I would have preferred the bow tie one rather than the “I love Mom” one. You have to keep Mom happy though, she knows where the treats are stored.

The Twigo tags range from $4 to $10 making them pretty reasonably priced if you want to pick up more than one for when you travel.

To learn more, go to: Twigo Tags

To purchase, go to: Twigo Pet ID Tags 

Overall, I like my Twigo ID tag. The one word of advice I would give to other pups is don’t let your mom pick them out for you … hehehe!

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