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Zen Den Pet Bed Review

Written by Rachel Phelps
I love beds. Who doesn’t? I know you humans do too. I see how my rents don’t like to get out of their bed when the alarm clock goes off in the morning. So when my pals at Zen Den Pets (who I met in Las Vegas) asked me to take a nap in their bed, I said sure!

Zen Den Pet Beds was designed around our natural instincts to den. I admit it, I am a den”er”. I have to arrange my blanket just so before I go to sleep and sometimes I even sleep under that cover.>The specially designed fleece blanket in the bed caught my attention right away. The blanket is attached securely in the middle of the bed and the bed is made very sturdy so it doesn’t get squished down when I lay on it. This is great! Think of it like this. What if your pillow didn’t keep its shape? That is the same concept for us dogs. We want a bed that keeps its shape even if we have been laying on it for hours.

The bed itself is made from 100% polyester and feels soft and comfortable. Mom loves that it is completely machine washable for when the bed starts to smell as she says … a little doggy … hehehe. The beds are also made in the USA.

The beds come in two collections. The Winston Collection has a clean modern feel and the Roxy collection has fun bright colors. My bed is in the Roxy collection and is Mom’s favorite color. They have a dog bed for almost every size dog from small to super large. They retail from $129.95 to $359.95.To learn and purchase more go to Zen Den Pet Beds

Overall, I really like this bed! It is very comfortable and I made Mom put it under her desk at the office. Now I can take a nap and keep supervising my assistant (Mom) at the same time … hehehe. I give Zen Den Pet Beds two paws up and a nice long nap.

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Disclosure – This bed was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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