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Written by Rachel Phelps

My pals, I am always looking for the best doggie treats and toys to ask the rents to get me.  No, I’m not too spoiled, just well loved … hehehe.  Sometimes I don’t know what to ask for so I need help from a trusted source where I can get honest reviews.  I recently discovered TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets & More) and I had to share about this great place to get honest reviews on our pet products.

TTPM combines expert reviews (both video and written) with real-time price comparison, sales notifications, one-click purchasing, and product availability at major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, ToysRUs, Target, Kmart, Kohls, Disney Store, PetSmart, Modell’s, Sports Authority, and  Personally, I like the TTPM video reviews the best.  I like to hear how the dog toy squeaker really sounds. I am very particular as I want the toy squeaker to be loud enough for me, but not too loud for the rents.  If the toy is too loud, somehow it disappears in my house after I have only played with it for about twenty minutes.  Don’t tell Mom, but I think she has something to do with it.

TTPM website
On the TTPM site my cat brother Pibb and I found this awesome toy called the goDog Amphibianz Chameleon from the Quaker Pet Group. The toy looked like fun, but I wasn’t totally sold on it until I saw the TTPM review.  It gave the Chameleon five out of five bones for pet fun.  While the rating was good, it was the video that really convinced me I NEEDED this toy.  In the video review they had a dog playing with it and I could hear the squeaker and see how large it was.  Also, I liked how on the right side of the TTPM website it showed me where I could purchase it.  I have already placed the Chameleon in Mom’s Amazon’s shopping cart for the next time she logs in.

Overall, I think this is a great portal for us dogs to make our wish list to give to our rents for our barkday, Christmas, and for what I like to call “I am an awesome dog” day gifts!

To learn more about TTPM, make sure to visit their Pets section for pet product reviews and follow them on these social media channels too!

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Disclosure –This post is brought to you by TTPM.  However, opinions expressed here are my own.


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