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New Pet Products as seen on Phoenix News12

Vario Flexi Leash -
Written by Rachel Phelps

This morning, Mom and I appeared on Phoenix’s NBC News12 station morning show to talk about four great new pet products.  I admit, Mom was a little nervous, but I am an old pro being in front of the camera since I have been on morning shows all over the country.  Plus, I don’t have to speak, I can just demo products and look handsome (I know it is a difficult job, but some dog has to do it!).  Here are the great pet products we featured with more information and a links on how to purchase!

Flexi Vario Leash System

This great retractable leash system is handmade from Germany and is completely customizable.  It comes in six modern colors and several sizes from my size (and smaller) to a Great Dane!  Some of the great accessories include LED lighting, a multibox for waste bags or treats, and even a duo belt for walking two of us dogs at once.  For more information, visit: Flexi VARIO.

 tea for spot - PrestonSpeaks.comTea for Spot

This great new doggie beverage allows us pups to have tea with you! Don’t worry, it is completely caffeine free and made with all natural ingredients. It comes in four great flavors: No Worries Mutt, Leaps and Bounds, Kissably Canine, and Daily Brew.  For more information, visit:  Tea For Spot

Dexas Snack Duo - PrestonSpeaks.comDexas Snack-Duo

The 2015 Best new dog product of the year winner, the Snack-Duo, is a perfect container for you and your pet on the go!  This is a reusable bottle with two side-by-side chambers.  It has a flip open lid to dispense treats or kibble, and you can pop open the cap to pour a cool drink of water in the attached collapsible cup. For more information, visit:  Dexas Snack Duo

Starwalk Dog activity Monitor - PrestonSpeaks.comIQPets StarWalk

The StarWalk is a dog activity tracker that keeps up with how many steps we have taken and the distance your pup walks each day.  It syncs regularly with an app on your smartphone and you can set daily goals. Personally, my daily goal is 8,000 steps.  For more information, visit: StarWalk Activity Tracker

Overall, I had a blast!  The News 12 reporters and crew were so nice to this pup.  I can’t wait to come back next year!

Your Pal,



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