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Handmade Recycled @PawNosh Pet Bowl Review

PawNosh Pet Bowls
Written by Rachel Phelps

PawNosh Pet BowlsDiscount code: PRESTON10

My pals, I am so excited to share with you an amazing product I recently reviewed.  It is called the Cubby Bowl from PawNosh.  This product is not only beautiful, well made, and very stylish, it is also made entirely from recycled glass.  Us dogs really appreciate the earth (and yes we think of it as much more than our bathroom … bol) and we want you humans to start taking better care of it.  So I am happy to find a company that feels the same way as I do!

The cubby bowl is made entirely from recycled glass sourced in California.  I asked my pals at PawNosh how many glass containers does each bowl save from the landfill?  They told me that at least six, eight-ounce glass containers are saved and up-sourced into these great bowls.  The manufacturing company they partnered with has recycled close to SEVEN MILLION glass containers in all their glass items.   With this partnership PawNosh  aims to grow that number by leaps and bounds with the cubby bowls! They are also designed and manufactured here in the USA.

When they first told me the bowls are glass, I was thinking, what if it breaks?!?  To relieve that concern, PawNosh has a lifetime warranty against breakage.  Also, trust me, these bowls are made so solid, I think it might hurt the floor more than the bowl if you dropped it.  If it did happen to break, at least they will replace it!

PawNosh Pet BowlsThe bowls come in two sizes.  Guess what size I preferred?  Hehehe

  • The cubby bowl.  This bowl is great for cats and dogs up to 25 pounds.  It weighs 3.2 pounds and holds up to 15 oz.  It retails around $55.
  • The cubby deluxe bowl.  This bowl is for pups 25 to 75 pounds and holds up to 43 oz.  Retails around $74.

Overall, the cubby bowls are very well-made pet bowls that are fashionable and easily cleanable.  If your rents want something different than the typical plastic dog bowl, this should be their go-to bowl!

Our pals at PawNosh want you to try out their bowl.  They gave me a special top-secret code just for my followers that gives you 10% off your next purchase – PRESTON10.  So my pals, go get your rents credit or debit card and go visit PawNosh today to pick up your own Cubby Bowl!

Disclosure – This product was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.




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  • We got two of the very first, limited edition cubby bowls. I love them! They remind me of sea glass. I don’t think I will need to ever own another food bowl for Chester and Gretel. It’s cool that each bowl saves at least 6 glass bottles from the landfill!

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