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Duck Dynasty Dog Toys from Quaker Pet Group

Written by Rachel Phelps

“I once bent down to pet a small dog and it was a five pound squirrel!” – Si Robertson

Here at my house, we are huge Duck Dynasty fans.  In case you live under a rock, here in America, Duck Dynasty is the number one cable show on TV right now.  It follows the lives of the Robertson clan that runs the Duck Dynasty Corporation down in Louisiana.  Being a dog, my favorite two shows were the one in which Si went looking for a hunting dog and the one in which a famous pet photographer did a photo shoot with Kay’s rat terriers.  I also like that for those thirty minutes or so when the show is on each week, both my Mom and Dad are in one place and I’m on one of their laps having family time.

So when my pals at Quaker Pet Group (QPG) sent me their new Duck Dynasty product line, I was so excited.  QPG makes high quality toys and clothing so I knew these items would stand up to the dog test.  The toys have chew guard technology designed to stand up to even the toughest dogs.   They have durable plush toy ducks in two sizes of the whole Duck Dynasty crew – Jase, Si, Miss Kay, Phil, and Willie.  I got Willie (It makes since he is the CEO of his company and I am the CEO of  My sister Daisy received Miss Kay which was complete with a pink lipstick beak!

To pick out your favorite family member go to Quaker Group Duck Dynasty Products

SONY DSCThe Duck Dynasty outfits are also great!  If you like camouflage, you can get us dogs our own Camo jacket.  They come in both boy’s colors (black and camo) and girl’s colors (pink and pink camo) from size small to extra large.  For you pups in warm weather areas, their tee-shirts have some of the Robertson clan sayings on the back including: “Happy, Happy, Happy”, “If it’s got a name, it’s a pet if not it’s dinner” and “If you’re too busy to duck hunt your too busy.”  Quaker sent Daisy her own tee-shirt as well.  It says, “I started the sophisticated gene in this family.”  I can’t say I agree with the shirt, but she does look super cute in it!

To get a matching Daisy shirt (or any of the clothing items from the line), go to ==> Quaker Group Duck Dynasty Products

However, I have saved the best for last.  If you are a true Duck Dynasty fan, you have to have a beard … and Quaker has us pets covered!  They have three hats and headband accessories with beards attached!  And yes, I HAD to try it out! But I admit it didn’t look very good on me since well I already have a full beard!

DD BeardTo get your own beard, go to ==> Quaker Group Duck Dynasty Products

Overall, I give these products two paws up and a SI quote!

“You can’t fix a neutered dog, you can’t fix a garage door, and hey, you can’t fix stupid. “– Si Robertson

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