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Written by Rachel Phelps


It is with great honor (well not really, Mom told me I had to), I am announcing a promotion within the organization.  Our unpaid employee, Elvis, has spent the last three years as the intern.  He has been my go-to dog for product reviews on items such as shampoos, ear washes, nail trimmers, toothpaste, and pretty much any product that us dogs don’t really enjoy but need to have for our health and well being.  Here are some photos from previous posts showing his dedication to this organization.

Elvis and his cookies - prestonspeaks.compurdue-copy
Preston and Elvis in the car

I do admit, when “Elvis has left the building” (on his time off) we have noticed our workload does increase.  So he does contribute, even if it is just to get regular baths.

Elvis Bath -

He also completed his beginning obedience training course and graduated with honors with this degree.


So today I would like to announce that Elvis is being promoted to our newly created position of Junior Executive of Pet Wellness Products.  Going forward, he will continue to be in charge of all bath product reviews and nail trim items, but now he can wear a tie to work each day.  He will also be our special correspondent on puppy mill issues since … well, he grew up in one.  Effective February 1st, he will receive a paycheck monthly of a new toy and treats which he has happily accepted.

Please join me in congratulating Elvis on his promotion.


Sir Preston Peabody Phelps
Chief Doggie Officer,

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