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Wag Pac Review

Preston and his Wag Pac
Written by Rachel Phelps

When the doorbell rang last week, I took my usual stance by the door and barked “Leave my box on the porch please, I’ll send my staff out to pick it up.”  I guess the UPS and FedEx drivers are trained in dog talk when they are hired as they never come inside and always leave the box where I tell them!  Hehehe


Preston and his Wag PacWhen Mom brought in the box, I was so excited!  It was a Wag Pac!  The Wag Pac tag line is “A little DogTime delivered to your door!”, and yes, they are right!  It is a monthly box that is delivered to you with treats, toys, supplies, etc. just for your dog. But don’t worry, all the treats are made in the USA.  DogTime is the company who is behind the Wag Pac and it is brand new.  It is so new that their site is still under construction.  I guess you can say I got a sneak peak of what is to come!

The cost is very reasonable.  If you order one month at a time, it is $29 a month.  If you order three months at a time, each box is $24.  If you purchase six-months of the awesome Wag Pac it is only $19 per box.

Preston and his Wag PacAnother awesome part of the Wag Pac is that by buying a box, you give back to a shelter or rescue too.  A portion of the proceeds of this program will go towards a shelter or rescue YOU have picked.  I decided to give my proceeds to the Grayson County Humane Society in Leitchfield, Kentucky.  They are about an hour away from me, but my pal Annie from The Tiniest Tiger came from that shelter.  They are a small rural shelter, but they try so hard with the resources they have.  They are good people saving pets!

But enough about the program, I bet you want to know what is in my box this month!Preston and his Wag Pac

  • Thornhill Kitchen dog treats – Oh my dog, these are awesome!!  These are hand-banked treats that are made with all natural ingredients that contain no added salt, sugar, or preservatives.
  • Blue Buffalo Company Blue Bits – Mom saved these and we have been using them as training treats.  They are small, but soft (and yummy!)
  • Mulitpet dog toy – You bet I went after this toy first thing.  It is soft, has a squeaker, and I like to carry it around the house.
  • Pet Blinkers – Honestly, I didn’t understand what this was at first so I skipped it and moved on to something else.  It wasn’t a toy or a treat so I was like why is this in the box?  But once Mom explained what it was I understood.  It is an LED light that flashes so I can be seen a half mile away in night.  I thought this was brilliant!  Now there is definitely no excuse for Mom not to take me on walks even at night!
  • Alite Leash – Speaking of walks, they even sent a leash.  This leash also helps me be seen at night as it has reflective materials on it.  It has a bag dispenser and two small compartments built right in.
  • Tissue paper – Ok, I know this wasn’t actually part of the Wag Pac, but just the packing material.  However, I had a blast shredding it … hehehe!

Preston and his Wag PacTo learn more and order your own box soon, please visit  Your pup will love you forever and a day!  I promise!


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