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Preston, champion show dog attempt (part two)#celebratedogs

Written by Rachel Phelps

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The time had come for me to strut my stuff in the ring!  We all walked as a group into the main ring and watched all the TV people set up the cameras and make adjustments.  We learned that they need dogs and people in the ring so they can determine their camera angles and shots for the actual show.  That is how the blogger stakes was born.  I guess you can say we were stand-in dogs.  I nervously waited for my competition to show up.  As each one came in with their owner and was given to a blogger to show, I realized I’m the ONLY NON-SHOW dog!  Oh man, what a way to put the pressure on me.  These dogs show for a living – I’m a novice.

Then dad felt the need to say “Preston, you know you’re probably the only pet, non-champion, to ever show in the national championship ring.  Every other dog who runs around that ring and stands on that table to get examined is a true show dog.”  Ok, then I got really nervous.  But then I realized, I was there to represent all the pets out there that went to the vet to take a nap and woke up fixed. Their dreams on winning a national championship was taken away with a snip!  (show dogs have to have all their parts or they can’t show).  This was my time to shine!

Preston, champion show dog attemptWe started out by lining up from biggest to smallest.  I admit, I was at the end of the line.  The biggest dog was an Afghan Hound named Dustin.   I wanted to be in the front of the line so I decided to buddy up to Dustin.  I asked him, “What brings you here today?” (you know, small dog talk)  He said, “Dr. V from Pawcurious requested me to be her dog.“  I replied, “That’s neat, you all have similar hair.  Well, good luck out there.”  Then he replied, “Thanks … but I don’t think I will need it.  My daddy is the one who decides the winner.  How can he not pick his son?  Plus, I was an extra good dog today for him.”

Shock and disbelief set in, and I ran back to mom. “MOM! Dustin said his dad is the judge … how, how, how … I worked so hard practicing, is that allowed?!?!  Why would Dr. V pick that dog?”  Mom paused, and said calmly in her mommy voice:

“Preston, you’re a big dog now.  You are almost four.  It is time for you to learn that life isn’t fair.  This isn’t about winning that big pink and white ribbon that is three times as big as you.  You are representing all the pets out there who only wish they could be out in that ring.  Make them proud son.”

I thought about it … and I decided Mom was right.  This wasn’t about winning or losing – I was doing this for all my pet friends!  I decided I was going to give the performance of my life!

Preston, champion show dog attemptThe first thing we did when entering the ring was circle around.  Then we lined up and Dustin’s dad came out into the ring.  He was very serious and you could tell he knew what he was doing being a judge.  Next, we all waited our turn to have one-on-one time with him and plead our case as to why we should win the stakes.  I waited patiently eating treats Mom had brought with her into the ring.  Then, it was finally my turn.  I pranced up to this pink draped table and Mom lifted me up on it.  I put my feet where Mom told me to and stood like a good boy.  I flashed the judge a winning doggie smile and let him look at me, pet me, and check me out.  He even said, “I love this breed!”  Next, he said to go out and come back.  I did my best trot out and back and then stopped to give the judge my “aren’t I handsome?” look.  However, Mom kind of messed up.  She was supposed to throw a treat out to make me look all-alert, but she threw it way too far.  I lunged to go after it but couldn’t reach it.  Then, when it was time to turn around, I quickly grabbed it off the floor and ate it.  Everyone in the audience (the TV crew) all laughed.  I was working on charming everyone.  We went back to get into line and I stacked like a pro.  I was behind this other white dog that had an unusual haircut with a ball of fur on the bottom of each ear.  Do you think his ear hair hits him when he shakes after a bath?

Preston, Champion Show Dog Attempt (So then, the judge walked back and forth looking us all over very seriously and pointed at Dustin, and then pointed at ME!!  He said, “Please come out to the front.”  So we lined up again.  Then he said, “Please go around.”  Off Dustin went, and Mom tried to get me to walk.  I wasn’t having any of it.  I was bound and determined to keep up and took off in a full run.  I learned that Afghan hounds can really run fast!  When I got back around, the judge just smiled at me realizing a Westie has to always be up front.  He said, “Preston, please lead in another lap.”  I did, and this time Dustin had to do a leisurely walk behind me having to look at my Westie bottom the whole time … hehehe.

It was time to pick the winner.  The judge thanked everyone for competing, and then gave the huge pink and white ribbon to Dustin and Dr. V.  I gave Dustin a Westie nod as congrats as he went up on the main stage, and proudly walked out of the ring knowing I was a Champion!

Don’t forget to watch the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship THIS Saturday at 2 pm central on ABC.  Maybe you will see me (not in the ring, but maybe in a clip!).  There will also be a big Twitter party while the show is on.  Use the hash tag #celebratedogs to join in.  I’ll be there!




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