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Bare Bites Liver Treats Review

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

It is a small world. One night while tweeting away on Twitter (yep dogs are on Twitter) I started a conversation with Bare Bites.  They told me all about their treats and wanted Elvis and I to try them out.  Before I could even reply, Elvis was on his I-Bone telling them to please send the treats.  He also informed me that he would be the model in this review.  Elvis needs some work on his modeling with products.  He was too busy licking his chops to pay attention.

Bare Bites is a locally owned, operated, and packaged pet treats company based out of Fredrick, Maryland.  They are made out 100% human grade beef liver.  This means there are no fillers, grains, additives, or preservatives, just beef.  We love the packaging.  It says “Our tasty treats contain just the good stuff, no junk!  We strongly believe if you put good things out into the world, you will receive good things in return. Do good, be good..that’s our mantra.”

I admit we have tried out many other liver treats and what stood out to us is how dark and shiny the beef was.  Mom said it didn’t feel greasy at all to the touch and didn’t stink like some other liver treats.  Once we got to taste this product we went crazy for it!  I have to warn you though, the treats are crunchy and we are kind of loud chewing them.  It doesn’t help that us dogs don’t close our mouth when we eat.  So humans, be prepared.  This also means there isn’t any chance that you can steal a treat without the rents noticing.  They will hear you and you will be caught for sure!

The treats retail for about $9.99 but it is all meat so it is a great value for what is in the package.  Also, you can break them into little pieces as well.  So one package will last a long time if you use it as training treats.  We took them to training class and I listened very attentively to Mom.  I guess I can say that I will work for these treats … hehehe.

For more information and to pick up your own package  go to

Disclosure –The product was provided to my rents and I free of charge. However, opinions expressed here are my own.

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Rachel Phelps

Rachel Phelps

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