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Petchup Doggie Condiment Review

Rachel Phelps
Written by Rachel Phelps

While I was at Global Pet Expo, I ran across a uniquely marketed dog product called Petchup!  It is a K9 condiment to put on our food to make it tastier!  It has twenty-two vitamins and minerals in it and is made out of human grade ingredients.  Petchup is a good source of Omega 3, 6, and 9, Glucosamine, and even Probiotics.

I tried it and it was yummy.  Mom has gotten on this kick where we need to eat a carrot a day to keep the doggie cancer away (keep watching my blog … we will have a whole post about this soon).  Regardless, I am not a big fan of these orange so-called “treats”.  To get me to eat them, Mom dips the carrots in Petchup and I eat it right up with my kibble!  The recommended serving size is one tablespoon per half cup of dry food.

Here is a cute video from the manufacturer telling us more about Petchup!


However, one tip you need to remember is that once your rents open the bottle, it needs to be refrigerated.
They didn’t leave out the cats either – they have their own Feline condiment called Meowstard … hehehe.

To get your own bottle (dogs remember to ask your rent’s permission before using their credit cards) go to:

Overall, I give Petchup two paws up and a food bowl lick!

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